Redwood Logistics Launches Innovative Parcel Service

Parcel process unlocks operational efficiencies, improves forecasting accuracy and optimizes supply chain planning

CHICAGOFeb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Redwood Logistics, a full-service, strategically integrated logistics provider, announced today the launch of a new parcel service that will provide customers with an integrated, cost-saving solution for parcel shipping. Redwood’s parcel service implements a proven process that combines initial benchmarking and consulting, procurement strategy and execution, as well as ongoing analytics and reporting.

The parcel service addition bolsters Redwood’s core competencies, including multimodal brokerage, freight management, warehousing and dedicated distribution, transportation management system (TMS) implementation and integration expertise.

“E-commerce continues to emerge as a vital growth channel for many of our customers,” said Mark Yeager, CEO of Redwood Logistics. “Having a parcel offering is an important and strategically integrated step to support our customers through our freight management platform. Parcel continues to grow for most shippers, but this mode is largely underserved by third-party logistics providers. Customers need help with strategy, expertise and execution in parcel. We are excited to be able to offer this solution as a key benefit to them.”

Redwood’s parcel service effectively evaluates customers’ shipping requirements and optimizes supply chain planning with a continual improvement, three-step process:

  • The Assessment/Parcel Audit: Cost modeling evaluation, Provider Assessments, Distribution Network Analysis and Sourcing Consultation.
  • Strategy and Execution: Pricing and terms strategy, Data-based Operations recommendation, Procurement and Savings Validation.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Carrier performance compliance, Accurate Forecasting and Invoice audit reconciliation and Shipment visibility.

“Our customers can now enjoy visibility, analytics, reporting and savings through our expertise in managing their parcel process,” said Todd Berger, President of Redwood Logistics. “We have a portfolio of customers who have benefited from our leadership in this area and we are pleased to expand our capabilities and offer this service that will drive efficiency in supply chain planning.”

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