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Project Logistics - No Project Too Big

Your First Call in Times of Project Need

With access to a broad portfolio of modern 4PL logistics execution and supply chain orchestration services, Redwood's dedicated project team is uniquely equipped to engineer a solution for any project, end-to-end.

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Pre & Post Project Analytics ensure project expectations are met

Whether you have a steady stream of small and large projects, seasonal or static, planned or impromptu, simple or complex, Redwood’s engineering and project teams work with your team to set parameters, align expectations, mitigate risks and develop options to deliver on-time and on-budget.

White Glove Services & 24/7 Project Support

Robust Brokerage support can ramp up quickly

Redwood’s Transportation Management and Project Engineering teams have the full backing of one of the largest and most nimble North American brokerage operations, so no matter where and how fast you need to scale up to execute your project, Redwood can deliver peace of mind about project success.

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