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Drive Forward with Deeper Supply Chain Analytics

Turn Logistics Reporting Into Insight & Action

Know why it happened instead of wondering what happened with the power of Redwood’s deep data exploration and meaningful analytics.

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Analytics Discovery

Shed light on murky data, past & present

Query massive amounts of data instantly

Transform, load, and query gigs of in-flight data, past transactions and payload metadata in minutes.

Data Analytics

Reporting That Works

Make sense of buried business data

Customize by department & business unit

Gain access to unlimited amounts of accessible, interpretable, actionable data, and share in a way that’s easy to understand.


Business Intel

Make informed business decisions, faster

Simple dashboards make it actionable

Interact with BI data and discover details previously unseen, feeding into the cloud where power and scale are endless.


Data Security

Tenancy structure designed for security

Network isolation & serverless execution

No operation runs in the same container, and all data is encrypted at rest and in motion. Enjoy first-class data protection.


By the Numbers

100 %
Transaction visibility, so no stone is left unturned
24 /7
Data control & support, so help is always available
> 80 %
Lower connectivity costs, so you see more and save more

RedwoodInsight Data Warehouse

Data, intelligence, and insight are the heroes that define modern supply chain success. RedwoodInsight helps you harness each with power and speed.

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No more data dead ends. Untangle your data and put it to work for you.

The data exists, but there’s too much of it, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s spread across disparate systems. Sound familiar? End the data drama, and uncover the supply chain analytics you need, beautifully captured in logistics reporting that can actually move your business forward.