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Global Reach, Local Touch with Redwood Cross-Border & International Services

Let Redwood handle all your customs and cross-border complexities
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Specialized Supply Chain Solutions, North & South of the Border

Redwood Mexico speaks the cross-border shipping language, with long-term relationships, carriers, and boots on the ground in Mexico and the U.S. For a more in-depth look into our Redwood's expertise, check out our Cross-Border Infographic! 

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Cross-Border Shipping Services

Simplify your cross-border logistics with Redwood’s comprehensive U.S./Mexico services.

Capacity Solutions

Unlock Global Trade

Redwood’s cross-border brokerage and asset network. Get the capacity you need, not the hassle.

Capacity Solutions

Warehousing & Distribution

Ship Smarter, Not Harder 

Redwood tackles nearshoring, freight imbalances, and customs complexities. Focus on your business, we'll handle the rest. 


Asset Capacity

US-Mexico Border Crossings, Delivered

Redwood's specialized drivers ensure safe, efficient deliveries with expert customs clearance.

Asset Capacity

U.S./Mexico Customs

Conquer Customs Complexities

Redwood navigates international regulations, duties, and security for seamless US-Mexico trade.

US Mexico customs

Redwood Cross-Border Benefits

White-Glove Care
Redwood prioritizes meticulous attention to detail and elevated customer care, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process. 
Customs Confidence
Redwood's team provides expert guidance and handles complex customs procedures, ensuring your shipments arrive securely and efficiently. 
Seamless Global Shipping
Redwood personalizes solutions, offers domestic options in the US and Mexico, and leverages a global agency network for comprehensive service.
Stress-Free Cross-Border Expertise
Redwood simplifies your experience with door-to-door tracking, expanded capacity for various shipment sizes, and a team ensuring compliance and smooth border crossings.
Tailored Solutions
Redwood tailors its approach to your specific needs, whether it's domestic or international shipping, with personalized service from start to finish.
Cross-Border Network Assessment
Redwood offers complimentary supply chain network assessments that help you prioritize all your cross-border shipping needs. 

Redwood Global Distribution Services

Ocean Cargo

Redwood secures reliable ocean freight with our NVOCC muscle. From containers to oversized cargo, we ship it all. 


Air Cargo

Ship it anywhere, anytime. Redwood's global airfreight network offers fixed schedules and custom solutions, with compliance guaranteed.


Customs Brokerage

Redwood simplifies importing and exporting by letting our team of experts handle customs and compliance.


Seamless International Shipping

Head of Global Transportation

Cost-Effective Network

Redwood's vast carrier network and procurement expertise ensure you get the best rates for your cross-border shipping needs, freeing up resources for other areas.

Real-Time Tracking Visibility

Our advanced tracking technology provides 24/7 visibility throughout your entire supply chain. Identify potential issues early and proactively communicate with your customers.

Risk Mitigation

Redwood's team of experts proactively manages potential risks and ensures compliance with customs regulations, minimizing disruptions in your supply chain.

tree-rings-gray Head-Global-Transporation
tree-rings-gray TransportationManager

Transportation Manager

Reduced Workload

Redwood helps you streamline your operations by managing the complexities of cross-border and international shipping. Free your team to focus on core strategic initiatives.

Improved Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights and data-driven reports to optimize your transportation strategy and allocate resources more effectively. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Redwood's commitment to transparency and communication ensures you receive regular updates, and your customers enjoy consistent on-time delivery, building trust and loyalty.

The Latest Cross-Border Content

Monterrey Expansion

Monterrey Expansion

Redwood recently expanded operations to support shipper manufacturing growth driven by nearshoring investments.

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Monterrey Expansion

Nearshoring Advantages

Nearshoring Advantages:

What are the nearshoring pros and cons for shippers? Redwood Mexico President Jordan Dewart shared in SupplyChainBrain.

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Nearshoring Advantages