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Ship Cross-Border. Seamlessly.

Remove Roadblocks with Redwood Mexico

Redwood Mexico speaks the cross-border shipping language, with long-term relationships, carriers, and boots on the ground in Mexico and the U.S.

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Cross-Border Shipping Services

Simplify your cross-border logistics with Redwood’s comprehensive U.S./Mexico services. 

Capacity Solutions

The Cross-Border Capacity You Need

On Both Sides of the Border, We’re There

Secure the capacity you need at the price you want with cross-border brokerage and asset infrastructure.

Capacity Solutions


Move & Store Your Cross-Border Freight

Upgrade to a More Nimble Supply Chain

Nearshoring. North/South freight imbalances. Customs, duties and taxes. Simplify the complex with Redwood know-how.


Asset Capacity

Redwood Assets Enable Greater Control

Our F/X Fleet is Ready to Flex for You

Cross-border drivers specialize in safe delivery across the U.S./Mexico border, clearing customs and exceeding expectations.

Asset Capacity

U.S./Mexico Customs

Navigate U.S./Mexico Customs With Ease

Don’t Get Hung up at the Border

From paperwork and international regulatory differences to duties and security considerations, our team has the expertise.

US Mexico customs

By the Numbers

25,000 +
Annual cross-border shipments executed by Redwood
Locations between Mexico and Texas
Mexico cross-border carriers with established relationships

Locations on Both Sides the Border

Because we’re operating in the thick of it, we have our finger on the pulse of changing cross-border shipping dynamics. In Mexico, we have locations in Monterrey, Mexico City and Celaya (Bajio), with strategic U.S. locations at the busy border crossings in Laredo, El Paso and McAllen, with over a dozen U.S. regional locations besides.

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Global Shipping Needs?

Redwood’s Global Distribution Logistics services provide comprehensive, customized, and innovative freight forwarding and brokerage offerings that empower businesses to achieve their international shipping and expansion goals.

Cross-Border Shipping Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

It just takes experience, like the decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of our Redwood Mexico team. We have our finger on the pulse of ever-changing market conditions, regulations and shipping trends, to help equip you to discover creative solutions to your cross-border shipping challenges.

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Discover Redwood Mexico

See how our Redwood Mexico team works to simplify your cross-border shipping with door-to-door asset, brokerage and distribution services.

The Latest Cross-Border Content

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Monterrey Expansion

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Nearshoring Advantages

Nearshoring Advantages:

What are the nearshoring pros and cons for shippers? Redwood Mexico President Jordan Dewart shared in SupplyChainBrain.

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