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You’ve Found Your All-in-One Parcel Shipping Toolkit

Upgrade to Fully Integrated Parcel Management, From Planning to Delivery, With Redwood Parcel Execution

Simplify your parcel shipping with Redwood’s cloud SaaS and on-premise technology, complete with native integration to Oracle applications. 

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Simplified Cloud-Based Rating

In-line shopping at the point of shipping execution

Automatically select the lowest cost carrier and service across your network, and simplify complex shipping with flexible rules.

Cloud based


Automated, Dynamic Shipping

Your single shipping system

Parcel and e-commerce shipping made easy through our multi-carrier shipping solution – fully integrated to systems, scales, and printers for carrier compliant labels.

Small Package


Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Consolidated tracking data from all carriers

Get, store, and send status events and transfer documents, configured to your visibility needs for every shipment.

Parcel Platform


Dynamic Selection of Format and Printers

Deliver labels in milliseconds

Automate warehouse operations and print compliant labels all with ease through a single UI to dynamically manage formats, printers, rules, and printing. 

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Native Oracle Integrations Simplifying Complex Use Cases

Redwood Parcel Cloud & On-Premise products natively integrate with Oracle OTM, EBS, WMS, and MSCA. Plug and play deployments accelerate time to value. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

Integrate Your Parcel Execution With the Rest of Your Supply Chain

RedwoodConnect™ is the ultimate integration platform to connect it all. Optimize your carrier selection, track shipment movements, analyze data, and automatic workflows with Redwood's proprietary iPaaS with plug-and-play orchestration featuring an open ecosystem of FreightTech providers.

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No More Patchwork Solutions to Your Parcel Challenges

Parcel Products & Processes? Check. But How Are Your Parcel Carrier Contracts?

Redwood offers a no-cost 50-point parcel audit to help you assess your carrier mix and contracts, to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table with small package fees, unexpected accessorials and rising rates. Identify savings opportunities you don’t know where possible.

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