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Medical Devices & Equipment

Time-sensitive deliveries shouldn't hold back critical care. Redwood optimizes your medical device supply chain with unmatched expertise and technology.

We ensure faster deliveries, navigate regulations seamlessly, and minimize risk. Get life-saving equipment where it's needed, faster.


Precision and Care in Every Shipment 

Your Modern Freight Solution 

Capacity constraints? Carrier quality issues? Complex routing? Redwood Brokerage connects you with reliable carriers for on-time deliveries. Take control of costs, mitigate risk, and track shipments in real-time with our API rating tools. 

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Remove Pesky Border Blockers 

Tailored Solutions, North & South 

Streamline your medical device shipments globally, navigating customs, regulations, and logistics for faster, safer, and cost-effective deliveries. With physical locations in El Paso, TX and Monterrey, MX, Redwood provides boots on the ground for your cross-border freight. 

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Efficient Storage, Reliable Delivery 

Building Stronger Supply Chains 

We optimize inventory management, ensuring seamless seasonal transitions. Our advanced fulfillment systems guarantee fast order turnaround, while specialized storage facilities meet your strict temperature and environmental requirements. 

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Medical Devices - Distribution


From Device to Destination 

Less-Than-Truckload Solutions, Simplified 

Consolidate medical device shipments, simplify carrier pricing, and access smarter carrier selection with or without a TMS. Optimize routes and control costs, all while gaining greater visibility and control with Redwood LTL. 

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Easily Connect Disparate Systems 

Plug-and-Play Logistics Technology 

Conquer medical device supply chain complexities with integrated data, heightened efficiency, and seamless connections across your existing logistics systems, all with no need for coding or IT support. 

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Parcel Solutions

End-to-End Savings & Efficiency 

Complete Parcel Control  

Parcel Mediation: Assess and reduce transportation spend, and audit carrier contracts to optimize your network. 
Parcel Execution: Rate, ship, and track your small pack freight with Redwood Parcel Cloud. 

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Medical Devices - Parcel

Your Medical Supply Chain, Your Way

In the high-stakes world of medical device & equipment delivery, ensuring the integrity of your products while navigating complex regulations and cost pressures can be a constant struggle. Redwood builds smarter solutions to help you on your journey Our deep industry expertise, combined with cutting-edge tech and services, delivers custom medical device supply chains for faster, safer deliveries. 

What You Can Expect From Redwood

  • Deep understanding of the complexities of medical device manufacturing and distribution, including temp-controlled transit and white-glove tracking options.
  • Excellent customer support with proactive updates and efficient issue resolution.
  • Managing complex customized orders accurately, sourcing materials from different vendors, and adapting logistics as needed.
  • Unparalleled access to a network of carriers specifically qualified for medical device transportation.
  • Cutting-edge supply chain tech paired with best-in-class logistics execution.
  • Tailored supply chain plans to optimize inventory, minimize costs, and connect your systems.
  • In-house project management expertise.
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Shipping Solutions for Life-Saving Technologies

Do strict regulations, cost pressures, and time-sensitive deliveries keep your medical device shipments in a constant state of chaos?
We understand your unique set of challenges. Redwood goes beyond basic logistics to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline your medical device supply chain. Gain unmatched expertise, optimize delivery times, navigate regulations with confidence, and keep costs under control. 


Redwood Logistics Named a Representative Vendor
in the Gartner® Market Guide for 4PLs

4PL Solutions Connect, Facilitate, and Optimize End-to-End Supply Chain Operations