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Chemicals & Synthetic Products

Need a seamless supply chain for your chemicals and synthetic products? Look no further!

Redwood is your partner in navigating the complexities of the Chemicals & Synthetic Products supply chain. Our expert guidance and cutting-edge technology ensure safe, efficient delivery of your products, every time.

Managed Services

Trusted, Tailored Transportation Management 

Chemicals & Synthetics Delivered Right, Every Time 

We ensure optimal delivery conditions, expertly navigate complex routes, manage carriers for you, and streamline paperwork. Plus, our API seamlessly integrates with your TMS, giving you complete control and real-time visibility over your entire chemical supply chain. 

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Your Chemical & Synthetic Logistics Experts 

Your Modern Freight Solution 

Tackle your chemical & synthetic supply chain complexities by securing reliable carriers, optimizing costs, ensuring compliance, managing intricate shipments, and mitigating disruptions. 

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Remove Pesky Border Blockers 

Tailored Solutions, North & South 

Redwood Cross-Border cuts through red tape, ensuring safe, compliant, and efficient chemical & synthetic product movement across international borders. With physical locations in El Paso, TX and Monterrey, MX, Redwood provides boots on the ground for your cross-border freight. 

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Slash Shipping Costs & Ensure Safety 

Less-Than-Truckload Solutions, Simplified 

Consolidate chemical & synthetic product shipments, simplify carrier pricing, and access smarter carrier selection with or without a TMS. Optimize routes and control costs, all while gaining greater visibility and control with Redwood LTL.

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Easily Connect Disparate Systems 

Plug-and-Play Logistics Technology 

Conquer chemicals and synthetics supply chain complexities with integrated data, heightened efficiency, and seamless connections across your existing logistics systems, all with no need for coding or IT support  

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Building Your Chemical & Synthetic Products Supply Chain, Molecule by Molecule

Ready to move beyond generic solutions that don't address the specialized needs of your chemicals or synthetic product supply chain? Redwood goes beyond freight. From safety to efficiency, we empower you to win in the chemicals and synthetic products industries. 

What You Can Expect From Redwood

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of the unique challenges of chemicals and synthetics transportation, along with their complex regulations.
  • Balancing safety & compliance with cost-effective and efficient solutions.
  • Environmentally friendly practices like fuel efficiency and waste minimization.
  • Real-time insights into inventory levels, customer buying trends, and local preferences.
  • Extensive network of chemical and synthetic materials compliant carriers.
  • Cutting-edge supply chain tech paired with best-in-class logistics execution.
  • Tailored supply chain plans to optimize inventory, minimize costs, and connect your systems.
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Reactions You Can Rely On

Redwood is here to help.
The chemical and synthetic supply chains are complex, demanding safety, compliance, and efficiency. Redwood provides the visibility and efficiency you need to overcome these challenges We minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and ensure safety & compliance. 


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