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Your Supply Chain, Fully Integrated With RedwoodConnect™

The Platform, Playbooks & People to Connect Everything

The single smart plug by Redwood Logistics® for your digital supply chain unlocks access to the open ecosystem app store for logistics. Connect it all with RedwoodConnect.

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The First Integration Platform Built for Logistics

Drag and drop your logistics platforms, partners, processes, and connections to seamlessly orchestrate every element of your supply chain. Any protocol. Any format. Any system. With a growing ecosystem of logistics apps and open cloud connectivity connectors, you can create your unique supply chain fingerprint.

The Digital Logistics Playbooks to Optimize Workflows

Shipper Playbook

Shipper Playbook

Organize your digital supply chain to mirror your physical shipment lifecycle from creation and rates to tracking and settlement, with all the supporting systems seamlessly integrated.
Shipper Playbook

3PL Playbook

3PL Playbook

Achieve end-to-end visibility by connecting your customer and carrier interactions in a streamlined workflow from quoting/sourcing to tender and ultimately to collecting/payment.
3PL Playbook

ISV Playbook

ISV Playbook

Publish your own connector to the ever-expanding RedwoodConnect open ecosystem so shippers and partners can connect 10 times faster than a traditional API connection.
ISV Playbook

The People With the Expertise to Customize Your Digital Supply Chain

While our digital logistics playbooks will get you 80% of the way, our professional services team will get you the rest of the way with solution design, implementation, onboarding and support.

Leading Benefits of a RedwoodConnect Integration

Free Up IT

Your IT team doesn’t want to implement even more software. They won’t have to. Our team handles it; they can take the credit.

Accelerate ROI

Leverage optimized logistics-focused playbooks to save time, save money and get more control over your supply chain.

Expand Options

A true open ecosystem means you can bring together your current disparate systems, but also expand options moving forward.
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The App Store for Logistics

The ever-growing library of FreightTech applications, 3PL partners, TMS/WMS/ERP systems, inbound/functional/outbound connectors and custom-mapped processes come together to put the best-in-class logistics technology at your fingertips. All carriers. All apps. All systems. That’s the power of RedwoodConnect.

Working With the Most Recognized Companies in North America

Whatever Your Role in the Supply Chain, You Can Connect to Win

Connect These Services to RedwoodConnect

Digital Freight Brokerage: API Rating Tool

Connect real-time capacity access and single-click quoting and booking to real-time visibility with RedwoodConnect.

Transportation Management: Systems Integration

Implement and integrate your systems, while considering the benefits of combining it with a larger managed freight solution.

Sustainability: Redwood Hyperion

Build freight emission visibility, carbon credit access and sustainability reporting into your RedwoodConnect interface.

Connect Your Supply Chain to Solutions That Win

Connect disparate systems with a no-code drag-and-drop design canvas (and we’ll save your IT team from any heavy lifting), with total transaction monitoring, full API & EDI abilities, using any protocol, format and system. It’s enterprise-grade without the complexity. Watch the video, then connect to win.