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Grocery Retail

Struggling to keep shelves stocked and ensure fresh produce reaches your customers quickly? Redwood has your back.

We use cutting-edge tech and expert guidance to keep your store shelves stocked, deliveries optimized, and inventories accurately managed.


From DC to Store Shelves

Building Stronger Supply Chains

Your one-stop shop for dedicated or shared warehousing, optimized inventory management, seamless seasonal transitions, fast order fulfillment, and specialized grocery storage. 

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Grocery Distribution


Fresh or Frozen, Bulk or Boxed

Your Modern Freight Solution 

We understand your capacity constraints, quality requirements, and complex routing, and provide you with reliable carriers, on-time deliveries, and API rating tools so you can take control of your costs, mitigate risk, and track your freight in real time.  

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Remove Pesky Border Blockers 

Tailored Solutions, North & South 

Grocery imports made easy. Redwood handles customs, tariffs, shipping, and tracking for a smooth, secure supply chain. With physical locations in El Paso, TX and Monterrey, MX, Redwood provides boots on the ground for your cross-border freight. 

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Easily Connect Disparate Systems

Plug-and-Play Logistics Technology

Streamline your grocery supply chain by eliminating data silos, automating tasks, and providing real-time visibility for improved decision-making and compliance – all without the need for your IT team’s resources. 

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Stocking Your Shelves, Saving You Money 

Less-Than-Truckload Solutions, Simplified 

Reduce grocery freight costs, get flexible multi-store delivery options, and streamline LTL shipment execution – all to keep shelves stocked and your business thriving.  

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The Secret Ingredient to Grocery Success

Redwood helps to build smarter solutions to help you on your journey. We combine expertise with tech and managed services to design, scale, and deliver the perfect grocery supply chain for you. 

What You Can Expect From Redwood

  • Deep understanding of grocery retail challenges from farm or facility to store shelves.
  • Battling through seasonal, promotional and unexpected demand surges.
  • Real-time insights into inventory levels, customer buying trends, and local preferences.
  • Access to a vast network of carriers and transportation assets.
  • Cutting-edge supply chain tech paired with best-in-class logistics execution.
  • Tailored supply chain plans to optimize inventory, minimize costs, and connect your systems.
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Fresh Solutions for Your Grocery Supply Chain

Empty shelves? Not on our watch!
Redwood simplifies grocery logistics with custom solutions. We handle everything, from carriers to complete overhauls, ensuring fresh, safe deliveries that meet regulations. Our industry experts and cutting-edge technology unlock efficiencies for a successful future. 


Redwood Logistics Named a Representative Vendor
in the Gartner® Market Guide for 4PLs

4PL Solutions Connect, Facilitate, and Optimize End-to-End Supply Chain Operations