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Become a Redwood
Private Equity Partner

Unlock Enterprise Value for Your Portfolio Companies

Redwood partners with select PE firms, providing strategic supply chain advisory, logistics execution, and advanced technology services that minimize risk and improve profitability.  

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Modern 4PL Solutions

Modern 4PL Solutions

With a broad suite of logistics execution and supply chain technology offerings, Redwood is a single source solution for companies in need of a supply chain partner.


Staff Augmentation & Outsourced Expertise

Staff Augmentation
& Outsourced Expertise

Our dedicated teams act as extensions of a manufacturer, providing access to technology, in-house logistics service bundles, and professional services so they can focus on maximizing output and meeting demand.


Enhanced Visibility & Control

Enhanced Visibility & Control

A dedicated supply chain solutions provider like Redwood offers real-time visibility into inventory, production, and logistics processes, empowering manufacturers to make informed decisions and maintain greater control over their operations. 


Data Organization & Utilization

Data Organization & Utilization

Redwood transforms disorganized logistics data from disparate systems into meaningful reporting and actionable insights.


Low-Risk, High-Reward

Low-Risk, High-Reward

We prioritize proven, low-risk strategies that deliver measurable results quickly, without additional investment in human or physical capital, minimizing disruption and maximizing ROI for shippers.


Build a Strong Portfolio with Redwood

Increase Portfolio Value

Redwood's streamlined supply chain solutions will boost valuation by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and accelerating company growth.

Faster ROI

Redwood's expertise in supply chain optimization drives significant cost savings, enhancing portfolio companies' profitability through reduced transportation expenses, optimized warehousing, and smarter procurement strategies.

Strategic Investment Guidance

We identify hidden value within portfolio companies through supply chain optimization, driving growth and maximizing valuation in the competitive manufacturing landscape. 

Sustainable Scale-Up

Redwood empowers you to identify and capitalize on operational synergies, streamline procurement processes, and implement lean manufacturing practices across your investment portfolio, driving sustainable growth and enhancing shareholder value.

Experienced Consultants

Redwood’s collaborative approach with private equity firms enables you to navigate complex regulatory environments, mitigate operational risks, and optimize working capital management strategies, ensuring long-term profitability and resilience for your investments.

Accelerated Growth

Unlock value-enhancing opportunities with bundled offerings and digital transformation initiatives, positioning your portfolio companies for accelerated growth, market leadership, and enhanced competitive advantage. 

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How Redwood Engages With Private Equity Partners

It's a simple process to get started:

  1. Connect to discuss portfolio needs,, goals, gaps, and opportunities. 
  2. Conduct initial, complimentary network analysis of portfolio companies. 
  3. Aggregate and validate solutions and projected outcomes. 
  4. Plan and implement ideal path forward.
  5. Focus on continuous improvement across all programs. 
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Maximize Your Portfolio Companies Procurement Efforts with Redwood Logistics

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Portfolio Operations

Unlock Portfolio Growth

Drive profitability across your portfolio companies to deliver measurable cost savings and revenue uplift. 

Elevate Customer Experience

Enhance end-customer satisfaction for your portfolio companies by improving delivery performance and streamlining logistics operations.

Maximize Portfolio Value

Utilize scalable logistics infrastructure that supports growth and enhances exit readiness to create lasting portfolio value.

Board Members

Boost Portfolio Profitability

Leverage Redwood’s expertise to unlock significant cost savings and improve your portfolio valuation.

Accelerate Portfolio Growth

Implement our data-driven approach within your portfolio companies to uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

Maximize Portfolio Value

Redwood’s scalable logistics solutions support portfolio growth and efficiency for a higher return on your investment.  

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Deal Teams

Unlock Post-Acquisition Gains

Utilize Redwood’s data driven approach to pinpoint areas for logistics optimization for potential cost savings and revenue improvements.  

Proven Strategies for Portfolio Growth

Accelerate revenue growth and profitability with data-driven recommendations for due-diligence and post-acquisition guidance through strategic logistics solutions.  

Uncover Hidden Value

Discover hidden gems by leveraging industry expertise for operational insights and identify potential acquisition targets.

Private Equity Partner Case Studies

See how Redwood has helped PE firms and their portfolio companies increase profitability and supply chain efficiency. 

Case Study: Redwood Saves PE Firm Up To 20% in Logistics Savings Across Portfolio

See how we engaged with one large PE firm to generate 5-20% savings across the first 5 portfolio companies we worked with.

Partner Case Study

Case Study: Redwood Saves PE Portfolio Company Over 20% in LTL Savings

One PE-owned manufacturer in an urgent logistics bind was able to implement a solution quickly and save big. 

Flow Case Study