The Next Generation of Connectivity

Connectivity Unlocks Your Business. How Will You Unleash Your Creativity?

An endeavor that once took a sizable IT staff and consultants months at costs that can exceed millions is now in the past. Painlessly connect and get back to the work that really matters to your business.

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Trial and error is a part of every new integration, but waiting weeks for IT staff or consultants to make revisions and push new code can turn a great idea into an “almost” great memory. RedwoodConnect turns those endless days of waiting into minutes. Discover data issues, modify processes and hot swap microservices so you can work at the pace of your imagination, not the pace of IT.

Any Data, Any Protocol

RedwoodConnect is ready to handle the most complex business cases in the world of enterprise integration. Are you having problems processing XML, JSON, EDI or TXT. Seeing constant errors sending data over HTTP, FTP or SOAP? RedwoodConnect can send and receive any text based data format using your protocol of choice.

Your Data in the Cloud Now

Digital transformation and moving to the cloud is a significant effort in most companies. RedwoodConnect’s speed to integrate lets you focus on data value and turns the effort to move into an afterthought.

Scale with Confidence

The days of estimating integration by data volume and hardware costs are in the past. Handling a large influx of new data typically means increasing material costs, man hours and additional system complexity. RedwoodConnect easily scales with your volume and with a simple transactional pricing model, lets you forecast usage and cost based on data volume alone.

Orchestration Out of the Box or Bring Your Own

RedwoodConnect offers a fully capable rule-based orchestration engine behind the scenes allowing you to efficiently chain multiple processes. Or, if you currently have your own orchestration engine, use RedwoodConnect’s APIs directly and move the data you need from all your systems together with ease.

Listen and Respond to System Events

RedwoodConnect’s event based architecture means you know when events happen right away. RedwoodConnect’s event streams allow you to trigger any number of actions from launching other processes to sending email/SMS notifications.

RedwoodConnect’s Infrastructure is Flexible

RedwoodConnect was created to co-evolve with your business needs. The process of transforming your data, integrating new 3rd party services and filling data lakes no longer requires your team to move mountains.

Additional Features Details
Supported Protocols HTTPS, SFTP, SOAP, AS2, as well as a library of enterprise system connectors.
Data Formats Supported but not limited to EDI, XML, JSON, TXT.
RedwoodConnect Interfaces Use any industry standard protocol to integrate.
Process Management Simple routing and rules customized to your business needs.
Business Integration Design If you can whiteboard your ideas, RedwoodConnect can execute. Get creative and transform your business.
Engine Cloud-based scalability with enterprise reliability.
Engine Flexibility Modify integrated business processes with zero down time between deployments.
Supported Systems Broad-range support for modern and legacy business system, including SAP, ORACLE, IBM and home-grown.
Data Accessibility Connectivity is built right in. Access all your information a variety of standards protocols.


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