Top 10 Countries for Exploring Logistics Careers

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You like to travel and you have been considering logistics careers as a possible vocation? Well, then we have some excellent news for you. You will find some of the most amazing opportunities the logistics industry has to offer when you start traveling abroad!

In this mornings blog post, we’re going to talk a bit about the top 10 countries that are hotbeds for those seeking a career in the logistics industry. The list was originally compiled by FM Global, a mutual insurance company that annually ranks countries based on their supply chain resilience and growth potential. Needless to say, we really trust the data these folks gather and publish.

And ending up on their list is no easy task. There are several criteria that must be met and maintained to move up the list, let alone, earning a spot on it in the first place. This criterion includes supply quality, the potential of cybersecurity threats, and productivity rates amongst other factors.

Let's take a look at what each of the top 10 has to offer...


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Yes, Sweden is prone to high winds, floods, earthquakes, and icy conditions. However, their ability to plan for and mitigate these natural disasters places them high on this list. Like bordering countries Norway and Finland, Sweden continues to set the standard with logistics growth and integration of cutting-edge technology. 



Since the 1980’s, Japan has been a global powerhouse. And with the rise of the development of computer-related technology that assists the logistics industry, they have only grown more prominent. Those with a strong technical aptitude will never be without an opportunity to put it to use in the logistics field while in Japan. This is especially true as the nation continues to bring in Western influencers to help implement changes for global expansion.



Finland makes our list mainly due to the expanding investment in private and public infrastructure. It’s also a growing country that tests automation tech such as self-driving trucks and drone-based delivery systems. If technology is your strength, but Japan isn't your thing, consider a move to Finland to explore supply chain careers.



One of the leading causes of supply chain and logistics-specific delays are natural disasters, specifically hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Ireland has mastered the mitigation of the impact of all these things. Additionally, Ireland has a strong economy and keeps its regulatory and accountability procedures well in line. 



Many of the leading Scandinavian countries are proactive with regards to the infusion of technology and financial resources. Additionally, Norway has always been able to keep corruption, fraud, and shady business practices in the logistics sector to a record low. As such, Norway is another great location to consider a logistics career. 



The Middle-East may not seem to be an attractive place to start a logistics company. After all, the Western perception of the Middle-East is usually not the best.

However, the country of Qatar offers many enticing logistics opportunities. Commerce throughout the Middle-East runs through Qatar, and believe it or not, this thriving economic powerhouse has an incredibly high level of security at all levels. Combine the stability of Qatar with the resilience and open-minded philosophy of the Al Thani ruling family, and you’ll quickly discover that it’s a solid location to grow your logistics career. 


Central United States

Since the US is such a big country, for lists just like this one, it's just easier to separate it by regions. The central geographic region includes Colorado, Kentucky, Kansas, and South Dakota specifically. Each of these features highly diverse climates that have a growing supply chain and logistics sector. Whether it’s the transportation of oil and gas exploration, the growth of fracking, or central states distribution centers, the central US is a growing logistics mecca.



While the European Union is facing some dramatic changes in the upcoming years, Germany still remains a bustling logistics leader. Companies in Germany lead the pack with technological improvements in regards to their modes of transportation. This includes things like real-time tracking and KPI software solutions.



While small in stature, Luxembourg is a global giant with supply chain operations. One of the most stable financial climates and supply chain friendly government regulatory procedures are leading reasons why many strong logistics career candidates opt to seek employment opportunities here. 



There are three attributes to consider when looking for a good logistics career opportunity. These are the economy, risk factors, and supply chain operation procedures. Switzerland frequently tops these charts, which makes it a low-risk, high-reward country to consider logistics careers. 


Final Thoughts

While each of these countries offers multiple careers and jobs in supply chain and logistics, there are always pros and cons to consider. It’s always a good idea to explore opportunities that provide stability, comfort, and are located in areas you feel comfortable living.

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