Almost anything that a person needs or wants is available online. With the click of a button, you can order anything you want from an online store and have it at your day the next day. Now, for the customer, this is a fairly simple process and is actually a rather pleasurable experience. For the

In today’s digital age, it might seem redundant to spend time on filling out a bill of lading (BOL). And while most shippers understand the importance of having a bill of lading to accompany their shipments, there are many who are new to shipping who have never even seen one of these things! When just

Finding hidden costs on a freight invoice is frustrating, and it happens far too often. Furthermore, it doesn’t bode well for building a positive partnership with a carrier. More often than not, this is actually just an accessorial charge. These are fees or service charges added to a delivery due to unexpected delays, or additional

It seems like the cost of shipping your goods rises every single day, huh? Well, that’s because it is. With fuel prices skyrocketing across the nation and a shortage of available truck drivers, shipping prices are higher than ever before. And it is the shippers who must eat all those extra costs. Of course, there are

The multimodal transportation industry has come a long way over the years. It is a safe, and efficient way of moving products internationally. As a huge bonus, it can provide sippers with reduced shipping costs and access to a strong carrier network. Today’s multimodal services range from dual-carrier routing to air-ground-sea-rail operations. At the heart

So, you are considering hiring a third-party logistics company, but not sure where to start? If we are being honest, this is the situation that most shippers seem to face on a daily basis. They realize that they could use some assistance with their logistics operations, but they just don’t know how or where to

Sometimes, it can be downright frustrating to navigate through Less Than Truckload processes. While there are some who are exceptional LTL carriers out there, most shippers simply find the entire LTL experience frustrating. Whether it’s the lack of communication, delays, or unexpected costs on the freight invoice, most LTL shippers opt to have a professional

For a supply chain to perform at it’s most optimal, it requires a fair amount of work. There is an entire inventory to manage, paperwork to be updated, pallets to stack, and trucks to fill with goods. For large-scale shipping operations, you can go ahead and triple that workload. And that’s just the beginning of the

When it’s time to ship freight, probably the last thing you generally consider is whether you need an asset-based carrier or a brokerage carrier. As a matter of fact, unless you ship freight on a regular basis, you may have never even heard of these terms until right now. The difference between these two types

The greatest thing that any company can hope to achieve is to surpass the expectations of their customers.  However, businesses across multiple industries face a constant, sometimes everyday struggle. They are trying to provide stellar customer service while also increasing bottom-line profits. Sounds like it should be rather simple, right?  Well, in actuality, there is

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