What happens to your products when they leave the factory or warehouse and head on their journey to the next stop? What does a pallet go through before getting brought to its final destination? Today, we’re taking a peek behind the curtain into the life of an LTL pallet.   What is a Pallet? A

Have you invested in an Oracle transportation management (OTM) product? “Yes, of course. I’m past the times of using Excel spreadsheets to manage my freight.” When was the last time you audited the processes and functionality of your current system? “Well, it’s been a while. Perhaps, it’s been several years since I last took a

As companies across the ranges of business and industry have responded to the impacts of COVID-19, an unprecedented event that has had a substantial impact on every link in the supply chain as well as consumer behaviors, one thing has become abundantly clear. There is an indisputable need to transform the supply chain from end

There’s no contesting that 2020 brought about significant changes in nearly every industry, none impacted more notably than shipping and transportation. Everyone is anticipating the midnight horns and cheers that will ring in 2021, but a Times Square ball drop isn’t going to solve all the obstacles and challenges we will still continue to face

As the end of what has undoubtedly been a strange and unpredictable year approaches, it’s time to leave behind the chaos and disorder that’s been 2020 and look forward. This past year, we witnessed the acceleration of a variety of shifts within the supply chain, manufacturing, and shipping. Here, we’ll look ahead to 2021, and

We’ve seen clients try to implement transportation management systems (TMS), like Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), too often without success or minimal return. Without proper implementation, their systems are never utilized to their full potential, and the TMS ends up being a cost center. That’s why there are two primary reasons many companies turn to Redwood

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting an ever-larger share of holiday shopping into the online realm, retailers can expect the usual influx of holiday returns and exchanges to follow suit. A study recently conducted by Oracle Retail indicated that fewer consumers are expecting to make at least one return or exchange this year (that is 38%

The COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented levels of uncertainty in the manufacturing industry, with steep declines in demand in certain sectors while others began to surge as a result of greater e-commerce spending and adoption. FreightWaves and Redwood Logistics recently partnered to conduct a survey of the manufacturing industry to better understand what we can

Manufacturing Outlook: New Survey Finds Over 50% of Manufacturers Believe Domestic Production Activity Levels Will Increase in 2021. Will industrial production levels rebound from pre-Covid levels? Many manufacturers believe that to be the case. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturing levels plummeted due to state-issued facility shutdowns across the country. With many sites

One of the greatest obstacles in the transportation industry today is the dynamic, ever-changing freight market. With ocean and air travel radically impacted by COVID-19 and truckload market capacity tighter than ever, it’s no wonder that shippers are looking towards digital freight brokers (DFB) to come up with flexible solutions to complex supply chain issues.

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