— Redwood Logistics’ client Flow Control Group sees substantial reductions in less-than-truckload costs with flexible freight management–   CHICAGO – August 31, 2022– Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies, announced today that its client Flow Control Group (FCG) is now seeing over 20% savings in LTL post-bid, exceeding an original

    All things being equal, LTL management is one of the most challenging tasks in the freight world. It is a complex mode to begin with, and shippers usually struggle to keep on top of costs, manage their carrier networks and deploy the right technology to make it all work. And as difficult as

You’ve heard of SaaS (Software as a Service), and perhaps iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), but a newer model is sweeping the supply chain and logistics industry: LPaaS – Logistics Platform as a Service. Redwood Logistics created the innovative model, which vaulted Redwood into FreightWaves’ 2022 FreightTech 25 list after FreightTech 100 finishes in

Did you know that accessorial charges can constitute up to half of a carrier’s revenue? As profitable as they are for carriers, they are equally costly for the shipper. While accessorial charges may seem like an unavoidable, consistent cost of doing business with a shipper, there are steps that supply chain companies can take to

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is the efficient, cost-effective, and eco-conscious way to send shipments that won’t fill a whole trailer. However, successful LTL shipping requires a significant amount of preparation. In this article, we’ll review the primary benefits of LTL shipping and go through the ten steps you can take to simplify, ease, and speed up

Parcel carriers are raising rates higher than the already-high U.S. inflation rate, while package volumes are falling. It’s a rough recipe for parcel shippers in the second half of 2022, but mediation and mitigation options are available. Let’s start with a closer look at what the major parcel carriers are up to.  2022 Parcel Rates

Recently, nearshoring and reshoring have entered the common vernacular of supply chain professionals all across the U.S. These practices have gained tremendous popularity in the last few years, and for good reason. Bringing manufacturing closer to home offers a host of benefits to companies. Furthermore, nearshoring provides many environmental benefits to the world as a

Due to the high demand for shipping space and inflationary trends, there is a noticeable increase in transportation rates across the LTL industry. Caught between a driver shortage, high fuel costs, and high demand for shipping capacity, rates associated with LTL shipping have climbed steadily so far in 2022. However, there are ways to mitigate

  Reusable transport packaging is becoming a rather important supply chain industry buzzword. Likewise, it is increasingly important for businesses to incorporate this concept into their shipping operations as consumer demand changes. In fact, many companies have experienced higher sales as a result of switching to reusable transport packaging as shoppers are shifting more and

— Redwood’s continued culture focus propels company to Best and Brightest recognition for seventh year —   CHICAGO – July 26, 2022– Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies and innovators of LPaaS, Logistics Platform as a Service, announced today that the company has been named a 2022 winner for Chicago’s

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