Every day, corporations around the globe invest millions of dollars upgrading their technology solutions to be quicker, faster, and more efficient. From upgrading to cloud-based platforms, to complete system makeovers that integrate artificial intelligence, there are many processes that are improved with the help of automation. Billing and freight payment are a few of those

Demand forecasting is an evolving business process that helps retailers and manufacturers more accurately determine customer demand and purchasing trends. Without having a clear ability to forecast sales, supply chains will struggle to stay ahead of orders, fulfillment, and of course, create inefficiencies that lead to significant gaps in the chain. A relatively new concept

As the global supply chain continues to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the disruptions it has continued to cause, companies have been forced to look at their sourcing strategies through a more critical lens.  This scrutiny has led businesses to make considerable changes to their standard practices and sourcing decisions, and many of

When companies seek out a 3PL to manage their logistics, they are typically seeking a business partner that will allow them to maximize their efficiency while accommodating their fluctuating needs. All businesses need the capacity to be both flexible and scalable in order to respond to the markets, but as the conduit for many businesses

When businesses begin seeking value-added warehousing and shipment solutions, they are oftentimes surprised to learn that third-party logistics companies can assist with far more than just inventory storage and distribution of goods. In fact, there is a broad range of value-added warehousing services that can be provided-  saving business owners time, money, and increasing overall

As the supply chain and logistics industry prepare for the world post-COVID-19, companies that seek to stay ahead of the curve are pushing for an even more technologically integrated supply chain. The competitive advantage in this industry goes to those willing to implement the most innovative supply chain technologies available. While some supply chain leaders

A smoothly operating supply chain is critical for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re a company manufacturing and distributing steel beams, groceries, widgets, t-shirts, or medicine, goods need to go through a variety of steps to get from manufacturing to consumer. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that the entire global supply chain is intimately interconnected

Today’s consumers, with access to competitive options with the click of a button, are accustomed to and demand two-day shipping or faster. With the supply chain interruptions we’ve seen the logistics industry experience due to COVID-19, fulfillment speed has been a nearly impossible thing to promise. Businesses striving to meet their customers’ speed and cost

If you’re tired of the stress and headaches that come with organizing a supply chain network, only to have it run into a million snags and inefficiencies along the way, then you’ll want to consider working with a multimodal brokerage. A freight broker or 3PL (third party logistics carrier) handles and manages nearly all of

  Date: 09/28/20 Update: ODFL Restrictions Update ODFL will now handle the Customer Specific pricing agreements currently in place and only volume shipments are restricted. Date: 09/25/20 Update: ODFL Implementing Immediate Shipping Restrictions Effective immediately, ODFL is no longer picking up shipments that are 12’ in length or 12,000 LBS in weight. This is temporary,

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