Every year, from June until right around November, hurricane-force winds are prominent in the South Eastern US. Many of these hurricanes can reach speeds in excess of 150mph. This is the dreaded hurricane season. It is this time of year that sees economic disruptions, billions in property damage, and even fatalities. And while there is

If you work in retail, you know full-well how the seasons affect the buying habits of consumers. Furthermore, you probably know first hand how the seasons affect the flow of the supply chain that gets the products to your shelves. For instance, winter introduces problems with road conditions and weather delays. Meanwhile, fall brings about

There are many things to take into consideration anytime you are looking for the best… well, anything. And it’s no different when talking about which 3PL software platform is the best out there.  Of course, a lot of this decision-making is based on personal preference and individualized needs. However, there are a few general things

Every year, CSCMP hosts an educational event known as the Edge Conference. The conference focuses on end-to-end supply chain movement and technological integration. The 2019 edition is no exception. (If you want to see what the conference is all about, check out this post) This year’s CSCMP Edge Conference, which will be held September 15th

  It’s that time of the year again… Time for the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Edge Conference! Soon, supply chain professionals from all over the globe will converge, collaborate and mingle at the annual conference. This year the conference will be held from September 15th through the 18th at the Anaheim Convention Center

The process of scheduling, routing, and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a time consuming and often a challenging task. And it only gets more challenging for companies with larger fleets of trucks to oversee. Getting one or two trucks out on the road and monitoring their movements is already difficult enough, but some larger

Freight management refers to the entire process of organizing inbound and outbound goods for transport. This process ensures that the right products get to the right places in the right timeframe and at the right price. It does this by coordinating the processes between all parties—carriers, distributors, vendors, and shippers—to prepare, ship, store, and receive freight.

Most business owners understand and appreciate technology. More specifically, they appreciate the technology that helps them solve their problem quickly and efficiently. And when it comes to the logistics industry, large-scale shippers wouldn’t be caught dead without an order fulfillment system. When you are responsible for the order fulfillment of hundreds of products each day,

Whether you have just a few or a few hundred trucks, there is one tool that benefits carriers of all sizes. Yes, we are talking about dynamic routing solutions and software platforms!  Powered by blockchain technology and featuring cutting edge AI and advanced algorithms, dynamic routing software is one of those “must-haves”. In fact, when

In 2018, the online shopping juggernaut known as Amazon captured 49.1% of all US-based online shopping sales. That kind of sheer dominance has many online businesses fighting for a small chunk of that valuable online market. And they go about it by integrating some of Amazon’s very own tricks of the trade; last-mile solutions. However,

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