Corporate Governance

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

At Redwood, our customers’ data security is a top priority.  We protect our customers’ data in the same way we protect our own data.  We understand the potential impact of systems being compromised and invest heavily to prevent any occurrence.

All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.  Our cloud-based solutions provide routine data backups in multiple zones and regions.  Database backups stay in secure locations and are removed according to our data retention policy.  Our least privilege approach for employee access ensures that no one has access to your data that shouldn’t have access to it.

The Redwood Site Reliability team is continually increasing our monitoring and alerting footprint to identify any issues that occur and enable our team to quickly identify root cause.  Our systems are monitored on multiple levels using both third party monitoring solutions as well as custom applications designed specially to monitor Redwood system.  Our Incident Management team is trained to react quickly to any high severity event.  If an entire cloud-hosted region goes down, we routinely test our disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

All Redwood systems undergo annual penetration test by an outside party to identify any potential risks.  Our internal Security and Compliance teams perform frequent audits on access to our systems and review any changes to the system to ensure all security best practices are followed.  Software engineers at Redwood are all trained with OWASP Top 10 security courses.  Redwood has engaged with partners who specialize in SOC II compliance and are working with our teams to obtain SOC II certification.

Ethics & Compliance

We make sure that our customers, carriers, vendors, and employees trust that we are a reputable company that they can be proud to do business with and work for. Our Company Values are widely circulated and are part of our annual review and Employee Awards programs. Additionally, all employees undergo internal training to help ensure full alignment with our policies and expectations. At the time of hire, and subsequently throughout the years, all employees participate in ethics training.

Management Approach

Our Senior Leadership Team is accountable for ensuring responsible governance and setting the strategic path forward for Redwood. The Board of Directors has oversight of ESG strategy and performance.