Partnering with Redwood Logistics means working with one of North America’s fastest growing and most innovative logistics providers. We specialize in connecting the world of logistics and technology – and building and maintaining life-long relationships with our partners across numerous industry verticals.

Redwood’s Value

We bring order to the chaos.

The supply chain is made up of numerous moving parts, creating a complex and tangled web vulnerable to disruption. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Redwood brings a modern and simplified approach to the industry by seamlessly integrating our revolutionary technology and logistics expertise. Our unique operating model (LPaaS) connects every moving part of our client’s supply chains, providing them with complete control and oversight.

Redwood is the company that created the solution to the monumental problem of delivering agile logistics networks by finding common patterns between physical and digital supply chains. Every day, we help companies of all sizes save money, reallocate resources, and develop and integrate innovative solutions that works with them, for them, 24/7.

Learn About Our Services


Our full-service transportation brokerage specializes in arranging freight throughout North America, backed by a vast carrier network and industry-leading proprietary technology.

Full Multimodal Brokerage – We have the carrier relationships, tech, and expertise to help you move freight.

Dedicated Fleet – Our asset-based fleet provides reliability and flexibility. 

Redwood Mexico – With a dedicated fleet in Mexico, we speak the cross-border language to help remove any roadblocks between international shipments. 


Our flexible freight management approach includes sophisticated technology paired with deep supply chain expertise, helping our customers excel within a competitive landscape. We offer full truckload freight management for shippers and carriers, warehousing & distribution for all storing, packing, and shipping needs, as well as an inbound vendor portal to optimize routes.

We also offer flexible freight management solutions for those with unique LTL and Parcel needs: 




Our innovation team streamlines enablement and integration, allowing customers to get the most out of their supply chain technology and maintain full control.

RedwoodConnect™ – Our proprietary integration platform streamlines the most case.

TMS Integration – We work with what you have. Whichever TMS and/or WMS integration platform you utilize, we can connect and optimize your entire workflow.

WMS Integration – Easily implement a warehouse management system with minimal risk. 

Let’s Work Together

Redwood’s unique Channel Partner program enables our partners to leverage their relationships, clients and trusted sources into outcomes beneficial to all parties. Our top priority is to establish strong relationships with, and support for, our Channel Partners to achieve mutual growth and incredible opportunities.

To start the exploration, reach out to us today!