What are the Top 10 3PL Companies?

Top 10 3PLThere are several good third-party logistics companies across the globe. However, there are a few that accelerate past the competition. Whether it’s the customer service they provide, reliability, affordability, or their flexibility – there are 10 3PL’s that tend to end up on multiple top 10 lists. Noted below are what many customers have ranked as being the Top 10 3PL Companies that operate in North America.

What Makes a 3PL a Top Contender?

Before we break down the top 10 3PL’s, it’s important to determine some criteria. Huge organizations including Boeing, Disney, General Motors, Amazon, Pepsi and more depend on 3PL’s to manage their logistics supply chain operations. Those companies look for a few important qualities for any 3PL they retain including:

Overall Cost of Business: A good 3PL is not necessarily the cheapest. In fact, many of those on the Top 10 List below actually ‘charge’ more than others. Where they provide value is by saving their clients money on the overall cost of logistics. A top 3PL is one that understands the best practices of navigating logistics for optimal cost effectiveness for their clients.
Exceptional Customer Service: Shippers have choices. When it comes to selecting the right 3PL, providing superior customer service is by far an enormous consumer attribute. Being proactive about communication, honest, and operating with ethics and integrity goes a long way in the 3PL world – and each of this 10 3PL’s below are living examples.
Complete Logistics Support: An exceptional 3PL is not a one-hit wonder. They’ll have experience – and lots of it – with the complete supply chain.

Who Made the Grade?

There are 10 3PL’s who constantly go above and beyond to provide superior customer service, full logistics support, and help their clients constantly save money. Noted below are 10 – in no particular order who are among the best in the business.

Echo Global Logistics

Echo has been a superior multimodal 3PL for several years. They offer LTL, intermodal, final mile, heavy haul, temperature-controlled, and other specialty shipment services. Some of their current client base includes heavy-hitters including Cholula Hot Sauce, Culligan International, Johnstone Supply, Monster Beverage and more.

C.H. Robinson

This 3PL leader has established a solid reputation for providing superior customer service while finding creative ways of saving their clients money on logistics. They are also well known for having an exceptional on-time delivery and service record. A few of their well-known clients include Dollar General, Microsoft, ConAgra, and Coca-Cola.


Sometimes being creative with technological solutions helps propel a company over their competition. This is an area that Transplace makes an impression on clients. Transplace is a proven leader in evolving technology and customer service. They serve popular brands such as Campbell Soup, Cummins, Eaton, Borg Warner, Prysmian Group, and Baker Hughes with the latest technology solutions, for quick and accurate updates on all shipments.

SEKO Logistics

When you can specialize in logistics, transportation, freight forwarding, and warehousing as a 3PL, you’ll quickly establish a strong client base. These are a few of the reasons why SEKO Logistics has been a Top 10 3PL provider across the globe. They offer innovated IT solutions, that are always customized for their consumer base. They serve clients including Dippin’ Dots, Lulu Guinness, Transact Technologies, Sphere 3D Corp, and Cath Kidston among many others.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions has the flexibility to serve small to medium-sized distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to global giants. They also have the second-largest supply chain network to depend on, which permits them to streamline the logistics network and provide superior customer service. What many people don’t realize about UPS Supply Chain Solutions is that they also provide order management and fulfillment, process returns, and more.


When you examine Unyson, one word constantly used to describe them is consistency. They’ve been providing full 3PL services for more than four decades. Their reputation for on-time delivery while maintaining a culture of internal growth and superior customer service allows them to compete in this competitive landscape. A few of their well-known brands include WD-40, Family Dollar, Pfizer, Big Lots, and MAXX Bath.

Four other companies that have constantly proven to be exceptional 3PL providers include Kenco, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Penske Logistics, and FedEx Supply Chain. To make the grade as a top 10 3PL, a company should follow the lead set forth by the companies noted above.

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