As a company expands its operations, its supply chain naturally grows right along with it. The processes become more complex, which in turn stresses the importance of accuracy at each link in the supply chain. This is where RFID technology comes into play. The most common RFID application is for tracking and management. This includes

Every company that transports goods likely appreciates the need for agility within its supply chain. For those who don’t know, supply chain agility is the ability for a supply chain to respond effectively to unforeseen circumstances, whether those circumstances be environmental, economic, consumer-based, competition, governmental, or a combination of all five.   While most companies

Every system the global markets have in place was pushed to the limit in 2020. The logistics industry was no exception to that. At the time of this writing, it is the mid-spring of 2021, and as an industry, we’ve already overcome enormous logistical hurdles in a few short months. A majority of those hurdles

In previous articles, we discussed the differences between EDI and API systems and their respective benefits and shortcomings. As a follow-up to those posts, we’ll discuss some of the issues involved with API Integration and ways to get around them.   API brings with it a plethora of technological advances promising to boost productivity and

DOT Week is right around the corner.  On Tuesday, May 4, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will begin its annual International Roadcheck week across the U.S., and different from previous years, this year’s DOT Week has the potential to have a more significant impact on the market.  In this post, we will cover the focus

CHICAGO, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Redwood Logistics’ Eric Rempel and Troy Ryley have been named the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2021 “Pros to Know.” Rempel, Redwood’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Ryley, President of Redwood Mexico, are recognized on the annual Pros to Know list, honoring supply chain executives leading initiatives to help prepare their clients,

A huge consideration in many businesses is how much one can expect to spend on shipping costs.  With steadily rising costs in shipping, this consideration is more important than ever. The purpose of this post is to provide an introduction as to what issues arise when attempting to estimate parcel shipping costs, an overview of

March’s freight performance exceeded expectations with a significant bounce-back from February’s slowdown. With last month’s polar vortex in the rearview mirror and inventory levels, and consumer demand in the green, the industry outlook remains positive. Here’s what we will cover in this month’s truckload update: March Truckload Activity Capacity Performance Freight Rates Class 8 Truck

Understanding the basic packaging guidelines in order to traverse the world of small parcel and freight shipping will equip you with the key knowledge that is needed to effectively ship an individual’s product. For those individuals who are experienced with running an e-commerce store, it is common knowledge that using small parcel carriers like DHL,

If you own a business, you may have noticed a significant price increase announced by most carriers for the start of 2021. Increasing parcel shipping costs aren’t just an anomaly either, they are here to stay. In this article, we are going to examine why freight rates and the overall price of shipping are seemingly

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