As children, we all probably imagined that one day we would finally see a car that drove or flew itself. It’s okay, admit it, you had those fanciful daydreams too! Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the logistics industry is on the cutting edge of self-driving

Did you know that, on average, about half of all your freight invoices have some sort of mistake?  Whether it’s a simple type error or it is the intentional over-inflation of miles driven, shippers deal freight bill fraud on a daily basis. Many of them don’t even notice that someone is taking advantage of them.

Over the past 5-10 years, there has been a huge boom in the interest of a fully autonomous logistics model. And while technology has come rather close to giving us the very tools to accomplish such a feat, we are still not quite there. However, with the usage of ever-advancing AI technology and access to

Companies depend on their transportation management software to handle a variety of shipping tasks. It is one of the most used tools in the shipper’s arsenal. These platforms are used for planning, scheduling, tracking, and reviewing all sorts of freight being moved through the supply chain. One of the growing trends in logistics, as of

Have you ever stopped and really thought about how businesses end up on the Fortune 500 Company list? While there are certainly many other steps or requirements involved in such an endeavor, there is one thing that the majority of them share.  Most of the companies who make the Fortune 500 list do so by

One of the absolute worst things that you can hear from a customer, is “my product arrived damaged.” Negative reviews online or by word of mouth can completely ruin a companies reputation. In short, regardless of your industry, damaged freight can be a business killer! For manufacturers, it can disrupt the efficient flow of your

Moving food shipments through the supply chain without causing damage is arguably one of the most important jobs in the industry. And rightfully so! After all, who enjoys contaminated or spoiled food items? Thankfully, when it comes to food shipments, modern supply chains are much more efficient than in past years. However, just because this

A recent report published in the Wall Street Journal indicated that 2018 marked a banner year for spending in the logistics industry. In fact, spending within the logistics world increased by 11.4% from 2017. Many experts attribute this rise in spending to a stimulated consumer economy, tariff fluctuation, and the threat of potential trade wars.

The summer is a bustling time for warehouses. And when the heat rises, the risk of injuries on the job skyrockets for those who drive forklifts around the warehouse all day long. Along with the heat, summer also sees increased orders and additional hours for warehouse employees. Mix the heat with all that extra legwork,

White glove services are becoming hot topics throughout the global supply chain. And rightfully so!  It is through white-glove services that customers really start to feel valued. By providing a stellar buying and delivery experience every single time, shippers can quite easily build a better reputation, earn long-term or repeat customers, and ultimately increase their

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