Finding the right carrier for a specific delivery can be a long, involved process. Luckily, this is a task that a custom TMS can expedite with ease! The term TMS is short for Transportation Management System, and it is one of the most used pieces of software in the logistics industry at the moment. And

Damaged freight is a pesky problem that many shippers have to deal with on a daily basis. However, regardless of what you do to protect your freight, there is nothing that completely eliminates the possibility of accidents. But it isn’t only shippers who are faced with this problem. Many carriers also proactively seek out ways

Every day, we make decisions based on historical data. And this is true whether we are buying a car or just a cup of our favorite local coffee. We generally make all of our decisions based upon the things we know that we like, want or need. It all really boils down to historical data

The efficient movement of cold storage commodities is difficult enough for carriers and shippers to deal with daily. Throw in the summer heat and you can see how moving items that require cold temperatures can be difficult to manage. When the summer season arrives, a slew of additional hurdles pop-up. And when that happens, it

  Shipping rates are at the heart of determining a budget and setting the pricing scale for deliveries. While it’s assumed that the carrier holds the cards with the rates, so to speak, you’d be surprised how powerful the influence of third-party logistics company is for negotiating better shipping rates on behalf of their clients.

Ask any LTL carrier about the leading cause of freight delay, and I bet their first response is “poor labeling”. Whether it’s inaccurate information on a bill of lading, damaged labels or a pallet that arrives at a depot without a label, the majority of shipping delays are simply due to improper labeling procedures. Shipping

Every day, more than 25 million pieces of freight move through US supply chains. While the majority of these packages ship as a parcel, (think UPS, Fed Ex or USPS for instance), LTL carriers also share a large role in the daily logistics world. In fact, the top 10 consumable products sold at grocery stores

There are several software solutions that companies implement into their supply chain. Carriers use dedicated SaaS (software as a solution) platforms for dispatching and allocating routes. Meanwhile, shippers depend on Transportation Management Systems. These TMS platforms help them to find and book those carriers to move their products. However, one platform that anyone within the

Today’s consumers have high expectations for the companies that they choose to give their patronage. Honestly, as technology consistently advances, people want instant gratification. Whether it’s being able to access files and data from their mobile phones or receiving notifications that their delivery is 15 minutes away, technology gives customers what they want. And the

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