It appears the US FAA is seeing the light with regards to the idea of delivering products to consumers via drones. A recent regulatory approval in the South Eastern United States has finally set a new milestone in the history of drone technology. These new regulations will allow a select few operators to actively compete

Anyone who has a 401K or invests in stocks can attest to the recent volatility of the supply chain industry. This type of ebb and flow combined with a growing trade war between the US and China have lead many financial experts to suggest a global recession is approaching. But what about the supply chain

Business owners are faced with making difficult decisions daily. From choosing new vendors to creating new products for their consumers, business owners and managers have their hands full. In the end, these decisions are made by weighing the risks with the benefits. Such is the case in the logistics world. Shippers today simply can’t afford

The path to zero emissions from transportation companies is closer to reality than initially thought. According to a report published by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC), a zero-emission supply chain is completely possible by 2060.  The report was titled, Mission Possible: Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century. This report provides a blueprint to

Recently, it seems as if automation is the key to ultimate supply chain optimization. Everywhere you look, logistics-based companies flock to these robotic innovations. From automated order entry to robotic unloaders, automation has proven over and over that it improves efficiency.  The main problem many logistics businesses face is coming up with the right strategy

There are many LTL carriers out there that are absolutely exceptional at helping their customers move smaller shipments of cargo. However, most shippers simply find the entire LTL experience to be more than a bit frustrating. And no one can really blame them… the process can indeed seem more complex than it actually is. So

Running out of inventory is a recipe for disaster in just about any industry. This is what is commonly referred to as a stockout. When stockout situations happen, it is bad news for the company. Not only can this result in lost sales, but it can also drastically tarnish a companies reputation as being reliable.

Multitasking is vital for any business but it is a must-have operational philosophy in logistics. The process of manufacturing products, moving them through the supply chain and eventually to the end-user through retailers is time-consuming. More than that, it can oftentimes be highly inefficient. However, as technology improves, we have the ability to streamline the

For some truck drivers, seeking out their next pickup or side gig is all part of the fun of the job. The problem, however, is finding reputable, affordable, and updated freight exchanges. There are some freight exchange platforms that are exceptional at simplifying the entire search process. On the other hand, there are just as

Warehouse managers and their partners face a wide variety of challenges in managing day-to-day operations. From the late arrival of inventory to employee retention, the modern warehouse leader is always seeking new methods to give them an edge.  Luckily, logistics is one of the most innovative and evolving industries in the world. So, getting an

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