In order to ensure that you and your company are getting all of the available information needed to make an informed decision about which vendors or service providers to work with, it’s important to create a thorough request for proposal (RFP), that outlines all of the specifics of the scope of your project. RFPs are

Do you wish you could quote and book your freight faster and cheaper? How about reducing the number of steps it takes to secure rates and coverage for your primary and spot shipments? Or being able to effectively balance costs versus service as part of your load planning? The demands of the logistics marketplace have

Routing guides were put through the wringer in 2020, resulting in many supply chain leaders throwing out their planning and pricing manuals for the year.  In all fairness, no one could have predicted the impact Covid-19 would have on transportation networks across the country. Still, it has left planners examining their logistical operation’s integrity during

Increasing demands for next-day delivery and immediate gratification are forcing companies to adopt new strategies and restructure their traditional methods to compete with the rapidly changing landscape. The ways of doing business in legacy companies are now being challenged by new competitors who have harnessed the immense power of technology. How can a company evolve

Redwood to expand technology capabilities and digital freight marketplace access with Blue Yonder’s dynamic price discovery service. CHICAGO and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Feb 23, 2021 — Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America, launches its real-time Rating API offering and announces the solution’s integration with Blue Yonder’s

  What is a Bill of Lading? The bill of lading (BOL) is an important document that provides much-needed information for both the shipper and the carrier. This is a document that is also required by law in order to move any sort of freight shipments. Essentially, this is a receipt of services that acts

Redwood’s newest freight technology offering can save you time and money on freight quotes and routing guide planning. Shippers, like you, deserve a better way to quote, book and manage your freight. The days of manually quoting and procuring capacity are no longer a sustainable freight management tactic. With market demand reaching all-time highs, you

  What is the Hub and Spoke Distribution Model? Appropriately named, the hub and spoke is essentially a distribution model that resembles the spherical shape of a bicycle wheel. In the middle of a wire-spoked wheel is what is known as the hub. It is this hub that allows each of the spokes, sprawled out

Supply and demand are no longer the only driving factor of the market. Consumer behaviors and economic movements are changing daily, so manufacturers and shippers alike are forced to find ways to keep up.  Supply chains need to look at both fluctuating market dynamics. Today’s customers are both digital and global. This means they have

There are multiple regulations that oversee the LTL and FTL shipping industry, however, fuel surcharges have no official guidelines or government oversight – for now. The truth is that many logistics companies have used fuel surcharges as a hidden profit margin that shippers simply factor into the overall cost of transporting commodities. And this fact

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