Technology innovators’ partnership combines Redwood’s Digital Transportation Management Platform with advanced analytics and carrier recommendation engines, with Transflo’s Velocity+, a leading portfolio of software and business process automation services, for real-time communications between shippers and carriers   CHICAGO – January 22, 2020 – Redwood Logistics (Redwood), a leading logistics platform company, and Transflo, a leading

Automation in the supply chain is augmented by technology. From the integration of cloud-based SaaS solutions to using artificial intelligence to power modern transportation and freight management systems, logistics businesses strive to improve the efficiency of their operations with tools that automate many common tasks. One of the leading tools used in recent years are

Inefficient packaging and box sizes that are too large are two of the biggest problems for e-commerce customers. However, large companies and online retailers are responding to these issues and constantly innovating in order to reduce shipping costs, help the environment, and useless cardboard. Not only can this minimize the environmental impact of shipping, but

The speed at which a business can fulfill an order is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. And this statement is that much more true for e-commerce businesses that already must compete in an extremely competitive industry. But do you know the leading cause of slow order fulfillment? The one

Data is useless if it’s corrupted. While most information stored in digital files remains intact, the process of locating and remove corrupted data is a critical practice to observe. Whether your information and vital records are stored on hard drives or hosted in the cloud, all data is susceptible to corruption, damage or even hacking

The job of a warehouse manager is one that requires a constant shifting of priorities. It involves gathering the right data, making lightning-quick decisions, and a toastmaster-like ability to communicate with different audiences. It is one of the most difficult jobs in the logistics industry, mainly because qualified candidates must possess multiple skills, combined with

The North American supply chain is one complicated machine. With politicians from the United States, Mexico, and Canada constantly working to negotiate the best trade deal for their countries, shippers across North America find it more difficult today to move products to customers in these three countries. Whether it’s the threats of rising tariffs or

Today’s supply chain involves multiple, independent steps, each of which must operate without error to ensure the efficient movement of freight. Professional companies including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and more achieve supply chain superiority through effective management of strategic, operational, and activation strategies.   The biggest problem is: How do you define ‘effective’?  With multiple cogs in

Imagine where we would be if manufacturing companies did not exist. There would be no computers, no cars to drive and no airplanes to fly. Furthermore, there would be no way to move other manufactured goods through a supply chain. As you can see, manufacturing reaches far beyond the production of simple retail goods. Creating

A major factor contributing to the yearly and growing success of a company like Amazon is its unique ability to consistently innovate and improve shipping strategies. In fact, Amazon is constantly redefining what customers expect from shipping providers and are trying to keep up with this consistent flow of innovation. That’s the companies secret sauce

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