There was a severe trucking capacity crisis leading into 2020, which only had just begun to resolve when COVID-19 struck. The result? A growing LTL market. The full truckload market (FTL) has been incapable of addressing trucking shortages from the previous years, including the pandemic-related capacity deficiencies. With trucking capacity even tighter in the COVID-19

  The increase in cross-border shipping activity during 2020 has caused an array of challenges for both shippers and carriers who actively transport materials and goods between the US and Mexico. Imbalances in equipment, heightened U.S. consumer demand, and COVID-19 regulations are drastically limiting forecasting capabilities, increasing severe bottlenecks, and lengthening time spent at border

As part of our continued Freight Tech education series, we partnered with JOC to bring you the second airing of our most recent webinar, Going Digital: The Rise of Digital Freight Brokerage. Over the past several years, digital freight brokerages (DFB) have been a hot topic amongst supply chain leaders. The U.S. truckload market has

Everyone in the logistics industry is currently asking the same question: what will truck capacity and rates look like for 2021? Both following and amidst the panic purchases and supply chain crises of COVID-19, the question about what trucking will like in the coming year has become the big-ticket issue. Just about every index, report,

To say automotive shipping has experienced a roller coaster ride of fluctuation in 2020 would be an understatement. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, new auto sales were reeling, with the industry notching impressive gains year over year. Then, the pandemic took hold of the market and turned it upside down, which leads to the question, how

The continual impacts of COVID-19 have made 2020 a year with little consistency for most industries, including shipping and logistics. While the beginning of the pandemic and the ensuing shutdowns and restrictions caused a dramatic shipping volume drop in both March and early April. The bounce-back from those at home relying more on e-commerce has

The Mexico shipping market remains challenging as the tightened capacity and extended hours of inspection at the border continue to press shippers to seek out supply chain solutions to cope with the market’s drastic ebbs and flows. In our most recent Mexico shipping update, Redwood Mexico’s Managing Director, Jordan Dewart, and Senior Vice President of

Every industry has to deal with demand volatility at some point due to factors like product customization, global competition, and increased customer choice. However, there’s now been a more explosive shift than ever before across nearly every vertical. Immediately following the COVID-19 lockdown dash, nearly every industry has had to deal with volatile demand. Some

Now that the 2020 holiday season is officially in full swing, we’re seeing predictions of an ecommerce-dominated retail market come to fruition. As seen in CBRE’s 2020 retail holiday trends report, ecommerce is still holding a strong majority of total retail purchases, both for holiday gift items as well as everyday essentials. What has been

CHICAGO- September 2020— Kubota Tractor Corporation revealed that it has saved 14% in annual freight spend by streamlining their inbound and outbound freight processes within their parcel and LTL divisions by utilizing innovative solutions from Redwood Logistics. Kubota, one of the largest manufacturers of tractors, construction equipment, and heavy machinery in the world, sought out

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