For those that see the highways of America as their office, how does our parking infrastructure look to them. Better yet, does it cater to helping facilitate their job? While there is hope on the horizon the current situation leaves quite a bit to be desired. In this blog post, we will shed some light

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace every day. These advancements quickly bleed over into the supply chain industry in a big way. With regard to supply chains, we now have technology that can accurately represent the entire system with a convenient digital simulation known as a digital twin. In this blog post, we discuss

For decades, many companies have largely relied on outsourcing manufacturing to faraway countries such as China and other areas throughout Asia. In doing so, businesses across a variety of industries were able to enjoy lower operating costs and increased overall profit. However, we live in a time of transition. Supply chains around the world have

CHICAGO – May 5, 2022– Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies, announced registration is now open for its upcoming webinar, ‘The Logistics of Disaster Relief,’ on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 from 3 to 4 p.m. EST. In partnership with SupplyChainBrain, editor-in-chief Bob Bowman will host a panel made up

Carriers try to raise rates throughout the year, but the most significant increases are usually in August. From Back-to-School to last-minute holiday sales, there’s no slowdown. The final five months of the year are prime shopping season, making them prime shipping season too. Add to that the Golden Week, the 7-day Chinese national holiday, starts

  We have seen unbelievable scientific and medical advancements in the past few decades. Some of these advancements have enabled us to explore the deeper reaches of outer space. Others have enabled us to eradicate diseases we thought would wipe us out completely. Last but not least, we have largely eliminated the problem of food scarcity

CHICAGO, IL – (April 26, 2022) – Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America, today announced John Rattay has joined as Chief Revenue Officer, RedwoodConnect™. Rattay will oversee the acceleration and commercialization of RedwoodConnect™, the industry’s most powerful, and easy-to-use cloud-native Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for

Distracted driving is deadly driving. In fact, there have been over 30,000 fatal crashes in the U.S. involving distracted drivers over the past decade alone. Behind the wheel, you must focus on a single task:  driving safely. Texting, messaging, adjusting the radio, setting your navigation, taking selfies, applying makeup, eating, and drinking all divert your attention.

Benchmarking is the process of measuring an act or performance by some means, usually in terms of time, value, or quantity. (Moving items from one storage location to another, for example, can be benchmarked through the amount of time required for a single movement or by the quantity that can be moved over a certain

To achieve long-term supply chain sustainability, you must understand the needs and restrictions in your supply chains and tiers. However, once you have a fairly good lay of the land, scalability and increased operational sustainability is certainly achievable with much less stress.  Here are 5 steps to help you get started building a better operational

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