Big Data has been a hot topic for quite some time now in many industries. But how does big data relate to your supply chain, and more specifically the transportation portion? Ultimately, if you are looking to reduce your freight spend while still growing your business, you need big data. With the right data, anything

Freight density is one of the most discussed topics in the freight world today as it becomes more and more important to carriers and shippers alike. This is primarily because in the past five years there has been a shift in how commodities are classified, adding density subgroups rather than simply set freight classifications. This

Broadly, supply chain visibility refers to how easily one can track the movement of parts and products as they are manufactured and transported to their final location. Supply chain visibility is critically important as it allows customers, manufacturers, and others involved in the supply chain to see where items might be experiencing delays. This practice

CHICAGO (June 8, 2021) – Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest-growing logistics platform companies in North America, today announced a partnership with project44, creating a joint offering combining project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™ and Redwood’s LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a Service). The partnership will provide mutual customers enterprise-grade integration expertise enhanced with freight visibility across all

Seasoned third-party logistics providers know that the future of supply chain management lies in a more customer-centric approach. This trend to shift focus away from the supply base and more of it downstream to the customer is nothing new, yet it is a strategy that, especially in these post-COVID times, is now more important than

  Accurate and comprehensive data is the key to an organization’s success. Proper data enables a thorough analysis of systems and procedures within the business. This, in turn, leads to aligned strategic decisions that can boost the overall profitability and growth of the company. Thorough data, often found through auditing and analysis, helps answer the

We collected some of the most commonly asked parcel shipping questions and provided answers to help better inform your team. How can I determine if I’m overpaying for my parcel carrier contracts? It’s very difficult for you to assess overpayment on your own. Redwood provides a market analysis based on your product characteristics, service profile,

Redwood Parcel is the latest addition to Redwood’s LPaaS, providing control, optionality and increased profitability to shippers’ logistics and supply chain networks  CHICAGO (June 2, 2021) – Redwood Logistics (Redwood), a leading logistics platform company headquartered in Chicago, today announced the company has acquired both Skipjack Supply Chain (Skipjack) and Proactive Global Logistics (PGL) to launch Redwood

On May 7th, 2021, the cyber hacking group DarkSide hacked the Colonial Pipeline with ransomware, a type of malware that can encrypt, delete and distribute data to the highest bidder. The 5,000-mile pipeline extends from Texas to New Jersey, allocating 45% of the fuel used on the East Coast. In an attempt to prevent hackers

Even though restaurants are slowly starting to reopen to in-person dining, it’s clear that the trend toward increased food delivery versus in-person pickup isn’t going away. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many restaurants and grocers to reconfigure and seek innovative ways to keep their doors open as government mandates and fear of virus transmission kept people

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