The process of delivering goods from the supplier to the consumer involves multiple steps that all require efficiency, effective communication, and innovation. Generally, said steps in the delivery process are separated as follows:: First-Mile Delivery. The first step in the process involves the transportation of the goods from the supplier’s factory, farm, etc to the

Throughout 2020, most businesses found that cloud technology might just be the key to maintaining the sustainability and efficiency of their supply chain during a tumultuous time. And as the world emerges slowly into a business-as-usual state, many who had previously not given it any real thought have now implemented cloud technologies into their logistics.

Ultimately, your company’s philosophy around how to deal with your inventory will fall somewhere on the spectrum between two strategies; Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Case (JIC). Both methods have their merits, just as both have their drawbacks. So which option should you choose for your business? More importantly, what do these terms even mean? To answer

Shipping companies are constantly searching for ways to save money, now more so than ever, and for good reason. With the cost of shipping rising exponentially while consumer demand continues to grow in regard to both demand for products and demand for quicker deliveries, it is absolutely essential that shipping companies look for ways to

While moving forward with the ever-consistent advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence and computer learning is only going to continue to help the global supply chain and the economy as a whole, many people are distrustful of the impact it may have. In fact, so many people are seemingly shaken up by this idea

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowly receding from our world, but the new, post-COVID world in which we now find ourselves is presenting us with its own set of unique challenges.   A Huge Increase In Orders Data from Tradeshift, a San Francisco-based digital supply chain organization, shows that global orders spiked by a

On the surface, order fulfillment seems like it should be an easy process consisting of a routine method that leaves the customer and everyone involved in the supply chain satisfied with the end result. However, there are stumbling blocks when it comes to order fulfillment in the age of next-day delivery, and 3PL companies need

Following all shifts, drivers are required by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to inspect their commercial vehicles according to a defined checklist. Based on the results of this inspection, the driver must complete the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). This report is a sort of safety measure to ensure that all commercial vehicles

Order fulfillment seems like an intuitive process: a company receives an order, processes it, and sends it out to the customer. What could possibly go wrong? In fact, there are many issues that may arise throughout the order fulfillment process which can slow down orders and result in unhappy customers and sellers involved in the

Order fulfillment is an integral step in the sales process which consists of receiving goods from the seller, processing said goods and shipping these items to the customer. In fact, without efficient order fulfillment, sales could not be completed at all.  In order to keep up with customer demands in the current world of extremely

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