An eCommerce business depends on optimizing their shipping networks as customers demand it. A constant struggle that all online businesses deal with is finding creative ways of shipping their products to consumers quickly, without breaking the bank.  Shipping optimization software is the solution eCommerce professionals actively seek.  The latest and greatest technology tools are infused

In the supply chain and logistics world, there are many advertised services that seem to just be too good to be true, and it can be difficult to sort through the cluttered and often confusing array of offerings. One of the most misunderstood services offered by 3rd-party logistics companies is freight bill auditing.   While there are several

For some products and commodities, a single mode of transportation is just not enough. Luckily, there are a couple of freight modes for shippers to utilize. When this is the case, multimodal and intermodal transport both offer a safe, efficient way to move products. They essentially work the same way with just a couple of

UPS recently released a statement regarding their rate increases for 2020. What do these rate changes look like, and how will they impact individual shippers?  UPS has stated there will be an average rate increase of 4.9% for Ground, Air, and International Services, becoming effective December 29, 2019. But this isn’t the only change, and

  For logistics managers, finding ways of controlling their maintenance, repair and operating or MRO costs is a full-time job in itself. To compound on that, they also have to do so all without compromising quality, safety, or customer service levels!  However, so long as you plan, organize, and effectively allocate your resources, you will

Sometimes, international shipping just simply doesn’t go according to plan. In fact, it’s quite common for damage to occur when you’re using multiple modes of transportation to ship goods halfway across the globe. Shippers moving freight from the US to international ports have a few different insurance options available to them for this reason; FOR

Amazon has set the standard for logistics and modern order fulfillment. In the past decade, the e-commerce giant has introduced revolutionary order processing, fulfillment, and last-mile logistics programs that most retailers have taken to copying.  They are always at the forefront of new technology, with a focal intent of improving the customer buying experience, improving

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has partnered up with Edmonton Regional Airports Authority to bring drone technology to Edmonton International Airport (EIA). As of October 29, 2019, this is the world’s first airport-based drone delivery hub and it is set to revolutionize the way that we think about air cargo. This program won’t just allow drone

One of the most crucial elements for achieving a transparent and effective supply chain is warehouse efficiency. Whether accomplished through strategic wave picking or automation tech, fulfillment centers seek effective solutions for optimizing their logistics processes. A growing trend is investing in an AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles. These systems are by no means a

  The wait is over – drone deliveries of prescription medication has finally been accomplished in the United States. According to a press release and multiple reports published online back in November, a collaboration between United Parcel Service (UPS) and their Flight Forward program and CVS Health Corp completed a prescription medication delivery to the

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