As meeting customer demands continues to become a bit more competitive, businesses are looking to save every penny possible. This is called leveraging the cost to serve. Having the ability to quantify every expense involved in supply chain retention gives companies better historical financial data, allowing them to better serve their customers in the future

We’ve all been there, thinking there was one last soda in the fridge only to open it and discover that we are to remain thirsty. It’s bad enough when it happens to us at home, but when it happens to our distribution centers it can be devastating. Don’t let a slippery memory throw off your

The role of third-party logistics companies has shifted dramatically in the past 20-years. At the turn of the century, 3PLs mainly served as somewhat of an independent freight broker. They mostly catered to larger companies who were looking for better shipping rates, expedited services, or businesses that cannot justify building an in-house logistics department.  Times

Date: 4/6/20 – 1:45pm CST Update: Airfreight Rates Continue to Climb During COVID-19 For those organizations that use airfreight expedited services, you are continuing to see ongoing increases in the costs/lb/kg IF capacity is even available.  At Redwood, we run a large number of expedited GROUND shipments to meet many of expedited needs for our

Boston Dynamics and OTTO Motors recently revealed their collaboration to bring cutting-edge robots to the warehouse automation space. Boston Dynamics is a leader in mobile manipulation robots, and OTTO Motors is a frontrunner for industrial AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and other autonomous material handling. Both top contenders in their fields, their partnership with the Handle

Freight volume has been increasing at a substantial rate each year and is anticipated to reach record-level highs in 2020. Most notably among these increases, there is a rising global demand for refrigerated freight and temperature-controlled trucking. To meet this demand, many shipping companies are quickly taking note and offering new solutions.  So why are

Your transportation management system (TMS) is there to connect every aspect of your supply chain, so you can fulfill customer orders and meet market demands timely and effectively. The right TMS will improve transparency, service, connection, communication, forecasting, reporting, and decision making to improve your business operations.  Not all transportation management systems will offer the

Has your organization been considering a JIT system for its supply chain? There are a lot of benefits that come with the “just in time” methodology if you can implement it correctly. It’s not the simplest to execute, though, and it’s not worth jumping into without knowing the facts. So in this blog post, we’ll

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been eye-opening in the way an illness can impact global supply chains. Shipping to and from one of the world’s largest producers of goods has come to a near standstill. In fact, even if the ports opened and went into full swing today we will still feel the effects

  Thousands of Amazon-contracted delivery drivers are losing their jobs, as Amazon has started dropping a number of contracts with some small to mid-size trucking companies, due to safety concerns. Several contracted delivery companies have issued Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act notices, which is essentially a mass layoff of drivers and employees. This

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