Commercial Shuttle Services, an Albany, Georgia-based dry van carrier company has closed its doors due to rising insurance costs, an aging ownership group, and a variety of market conditions that have caused multiple transportation companies to cease operations in the past 18 months.  It was announced in the company press release that the rising insurance

Supply chain managers and logistics industry experts entered 2020 with exceptional optimism. And for good reason! With the ratification of the USCMA trade agreement, progress was being made between the United States and China. The global economy looked to finally be headed in the right direction. Retailers, distributors and logistics managers alike could feel the

A recent report published by Reuters noted that Amazon is expected to raise its fulfillment fees for merchants by an average of three percent over the next calendar year. While there are some media outlets who have interjected that this is a money grab, it’s actually just par for the course in the order fulfillment

  In 2012, President Obama and his administration established the National Freight Strategic Plan or NFSP, which aimed to centralize regulatory controls over the multi-billion-dollar commercial freight industry in the USA. However, the NHSP never materialized, and eventually phased into the FAST Act of 2015 – which likewise failed to gain much momentum in the

After years of research and development, testing, and multiple regional tests, the first cross-country autonomous haul has finally happened. And according to multiple reports, the test went off without a hitch. The autonomous haul was completed by – a Silicon Valley-based technology firm that has been working on improving self-driving solutions for the trucking

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  And yes, it is exactly as it sounds. A SWOT analysis is a type of review that companies can perform on themselves to find areas of strength, weakness, opportunities and potential threats. As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link…

It’s a lot easier to retain existing customers than trying to reach and convert new ones. This fundamental business practice allows a company in any space to sustain its operations, while new customers can accelerate its growth. To keep existing customers happy, businesses focus on creating programs that help increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  Customer

Deciding which warehouse management solution to use isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, cloud-based solutions offer warehouses and fulfillment facilities a new option beyond the standard standalone WMS platform. While standalone WMS solutions still have a role to play, the biggest debate currently being had in the warehouse management space is deciding

The global supply chain must evolve to keep up with the modern demands e-commerce places on it. From order fulfillment efficiency to reducing the carbon footprint, most modern logistics companies have their hands full!  To overcome these challenges, many supply chain management companies are following a few main globalization trends. And in the process, they

Businesses that thrive are the ones that place their focus on quality assurance measures that exceed industry standards. One of the most commonly used and robust tools for this purpose is what is known as a Quality Management System (QMS).  A quality management system is a cloud-based Software as a Solution (SaaS) that helps organizations

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