Cloud computing has become the primary method for enterprises to handle operations throughout the business. There are a ton of cloud services and solutions, such as RedwoodConnect 2.0 available on the market. But how do you know which will be best for your business? In this quick guide, we’ll help you start your search by

Ever since automation technology hit the ground running, there has been a fear that warehouse automation will eventually put human employees out of work. In reality, research is showing that the opposite is true. Automation isn’t destroying jobs; it’s enhancing them. Automated robots, systems, and software are becoming the “right hand” to employees to improve

If you’ve been followed our blog, you’ve likely read several entries about the Internet of Things or (IoT). But to give you a quick recap, IoT is all about the ability to interconnect multiple systems, technologies, and components through a shared internet connection. But, what role does IoT perform in streamlining the packaging process? Many

Consumers today overwhelmingly prefer doing business with companies that prioritize values in line with their own. In fact, numerous studies have shown a preference and willingness to pay more for products from companies that have a minimal negative environmental impact, are people-friendly, and socially responsible. In one study, as many as ⅔ of respondents chose

Decontamination robots have become a logistical must-have for promoting safety and labor efficiencies during the global coronavirus pandemic.  With the COVID-19 outbreak, safety has become the top priority for companies, including and especially manufacturing operations. There have unfortunately been a lot of corporate lapses in worker safety, leading to virus outbreaks in factory settings or

Redwood Logistics is excited to announce that, for the second year in a row, we have taken home the “Best in Show” award for our RedwoodConnect 2.0 platform at the yearly FreightWaves LIVE demo event. This event is the premier freight conference where all the top logistics experts, 3PLs and brokers converge every year to

The retail landscape has been in a state of constant flux for several years now. Department stores have been struggling openly, with several names that were once mall staples declaring bankruptcy or falling to hedge funds one after the other. In 2017, when the country was still in the middle of an economic recovery, hundreds

The world of e-commerce continues to expand, and as customer shopping habits and delivery expectations change, companies must find ways to adjust. This is where the concept of micro-fulfillment comes into play. Micro-fulfillment refers to small-scale distribution centers that are positioned closer to the end-consumer. These tiny urban warehouses, or micro-fulfillment centers (MFC), are often

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an unprecedented effect on retailers worldwide, leaving those who have not yet found their footing to continue scrambling to make the needed adjustments to their heavy increase on the e-commerce side of their business. With reduced numbers of staff on hand, many working remotely, and large companies struggling to

Date: 5/20/20 – 8:00am CST Update: A Comprehensive Update for All States & Their Plans to Re-Open For the full list as of today, 05/20, click here.     5/4/20 – 8:00am CST A Comprehensive Update for All States & Their Plans to Re-Open The following information details the current processes, restrictions and relaxed requirements

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