The United States of America is a global leader in multiple industries. The strength of our workforce, diversity of business types, and protection from the world’s best military gives the US a strong foundation to succeed in the global economy. These attributes also contribute to the impact that the US has on worldwide logistics growth. 

A retail operation must juggle multiple tasks every day. From managing employees and payroll to handling billing, retail operations have their hands full. The last thing they need to worry about is whether to ship that awkwardly shaped package through an LTL or a parcel carrier.  The struggle is real! Trying to determine which service

In past years, freight charges were based on very rough measurements of dimensions and weight. However, times have definitely changed more than a little. Today, most carriers implement a DIM pricing method. This type of platform does away with weight measurements. Instead, it relies on physical size to provide a more fair and balanced pricing

Every year, manufacturers seek new ways to trim the fat out of their operations. In most cases, this is because the business has excessive or redundant programs. Programs that do nothing but waste money, reduce business efficiency in some way, or ultimately lead to lost revenue. These cost-cutting ventures are what we call lean manufacturing

When businesses invest in order fulfillment software, ROI is a crucial metric that helps them decide how the money is best spent. However, there are many ways to measure the overall return on investment. Some believe that an improvement in customer relations is the key. Yet, others may say that fewer keystrokes per routed shipment

Finding ways to reduce concealed damage is a major source of frustration for customers and shippers alike. It can easily bring about a plethora of issues such as angry customers, profit loss,  service disruptions, and problems fulfilling future orders. Filing a concealed damage freight claim may cover the cost of some of those damaged goods.

Dropshipping has become an increasingly popular method of moving products from a digital warehouse to the customer’s front door. Independent platforms, such as Shopify, are quickly disappearing because eCommerce businesses are starting to realize the power of a simple website combined with a robust 3PL.  Third-party logistics companies have been working with retailers for decades,

Those who work within a supply chain have more options than ever before for auditing freight bills. Whether they choose to use software or depend on a 3PL, most shippers understand the importance of a review process. Every bill that companies pay for on a daily, weekly or monthly basis needs to be gone over

The convenience and cost savings associated with automated drone delivery of commodities is attractive to many locally-based operations. However, questions about drone safety or FAA regulations restricting airspace have slowly reduced the enthusiasm for drone supply chain deliveries.  But are these concerns taking a dramatic shift? According to some recently published press releases, it appears

Running a fulfillment center takes time, patience, and robust software that can simplify order processing. For those who operate online marketplaces, it is critical to use well-rounded order fulfillment software to accomplish this large workload. The platform must not only be user-friendly but it must also integrate easily with other e-commerce platforms and software solutions.

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