Managing a modern supply chain means utilizing or at the very least, interacting with, a variety of software platforms. The most popular pieces of software that logistics professionals deploy on a regular basis are Freight Management Systems (FMS). And more often than not, these tools are served up as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

It doesn’t take a degree in analytics to know when a problem exists or where it originates from. Such is the case with the current situation involving the trucking industry and the shortage of qualified new drivers to fill a slew of new truck driver jobs. While the U.S. Department of Labor has actively disputed

You like to travel and you have been considering logistics careers as a possible vocation? Well, then we have some excellent news for you. You will find some of the most amazing opportunities the logistics industry has to offer when you start traveling abroad! In this mornings blog post, we’re going to talk a bit

The modern distribution center is a bustling hub of daily activity. The constant receiving and shipping of hundreds of pallets daily is already a lot to deal with. But then compact that along with storage and inventory control, paperwork, and routing… and the pressure becomes somewhat overwhelming. However, thanks to consistent advancements in technology and

The LTL industry is without a doubt one of the main causes of frustration among shippers. But like any industry, the stress is usually just a symptom of a lack of knowledge. Now, this is not to assume or to suggest that shippers are not capable of doing a little light research. On the contrary,

Did you know that on average, the most expensive mode of shipping (per pound) is heavy haul? You would think that most heavy haul carriers would offer some sort of discount to their clients based on the amount they ship. After all, carriers who specialize in other shipping modes often offer discounted rates for those

  With so many commonly held LTL shipping myths floating around out there, it can be a bit difficult to separate fact from fiction. For example, there is no perfect shipping program that ensures flawless shipping every time, regardless of the shipping mode. But a quick Google search reveals well over 100 pages of products

It’s not easy to manage today’s busy supply chains. As a matter of fact, it can be downright hard. We all know that the daily operations involved in logistics and the movement of freight is complex, detail-oriented, and includes many moving parts. And that’s putting it nicely. However, one piece of technology that has found

The relationship between the United States and Canada has been a cordial one for several decades. The two countries partner on defense, retail, manufacturing, and other governmental operations. Citizens of both countries even find it easier to travel between the two than any other international destination.  This also means that moving freight across the Canadian

Trying to accurately forecast and predict e-commerce trends is about as difficult as winning the lottery. However, that doesn’t seem to deter business analysts across the globe from attempting it. These analysts try their hand at predicting the ebb and flow of online sales. Sure, sometimes their numbers are off and their predictions are lackluster.

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