Step up Your Order Fulfillment Game!

order fulfillment

Most business owners understand and appreciate technology. More specifically, they appreciate the technology that helps them solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

And when it comes to the logistics industry, large-scale shippers wouldn't be caught dead without an order fulfillment system. When you are responsible for the order fulfillment of hundreds of products each day, the help of an order fulfillment system is not only helpful, it's also fairly critical. 

With so many different types of 3PL software designed for fulfillment centers, finding the best one can be more than a little stressful. To make matter worse, many of these systems quickly become outdated and simply need to be replaced or upgraded.

However, if you can make it over some basic hurdles, the benefits that await you are absolutely priceless.

If you're considering upgrading your order fulfillment system, then this blog post is for you! We are going to talk about a few of the more important benefits of upgrading and maintaining an order fulfillment system. After all, it is almost the end of the fiscal year 2019 so it is the perfect time to prepare to go into 2020 fully equipped and ready to crush the competition!

Let's look at a few of the ways an order fulfillment system makes that happen...


Order Fulfillment Systems Make Manual Processing Errors a Thing of The Past 

Most mistakes made during order fulfillment are simply due to manual processing errors. Whether it is picking the wrong product, shipping to the wrong address, or forgetting to include an item, most mistakes can be avoided through more attention to detail and accurate data entry.

That said, arguably the biggest benefit of upgrading to a more modern order fulfillment system is the aspect of automation. The automated tools packed into most modern 3PL software of all kinds is really where the magic happens! 

These automated processes locate and report on any discrepancies found. Once reviewed by the user, the system takes the appropriate actions to ensure processing and fulfillment without error. It doesn't remove the human element from the equation, but rather serves to clean up human error in the process.


It Saves Time and Money, Plain and Simple 

Operational efficiency of a fulfillment center is based on the number of times that products are handled through the order fulfillment process. The best practice in most fulfillment centers is to minimize the risk of human error on any shipment that leaves their door. Human interaction backed by the support of the software platform is the most viable solution. 

Errors mean spending more money. Whether you are replacing products or paying for additional shipping costs for returns, small errors can quickly add up.

Ultimately, fulfillment software allows you to better utilize your employees and focus them on more pressing tasks. 


A Good Order Fulfillment System Will Keep You Ahead of the Customer Communication Curve 

A growing trend with 3PL software is the inclusion of real-time tracking and communication channels. The ability to push various updates out to your partners and customers is nothing short of a technological miracle. 

When everyone is on the same page, everyone is generally happier. They have the assurance that the goods are safe, moving efficiently, and know when to expect delivery. It removes a lot of stress from the equation and leads to a better overall shipping experience.

It connects directly to your carrier’s platform and relays updated shipping information. This type of customer service is often considered white glove or last-mile logistics. And in today's competitive online marketplace it is imperative to be able to meet some level of direct customer care. 


Final Thoughts

If you are considering upgrading your order fulfillment software, working with a professional 3PL is immensely helpful. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, if you're looking to upgrade your order fulfillment software solutions for 2020 and beyond, contact Redwood Logistics and inquire about our 3PL software solutions.