What is the Best 3PL Software Platform for 2019? 

best 3pl software

If you operate a warehouse or fulfillment center, having the right software available isn't an option. Most of these platforms can help you complete daily tasks with a greater level of detail while simultaneously reducing the amount of time needed to complete them. 

However, there are many choices available. For starters, you need to already have a general idea of what you are hoping to accomplish with a software solution. From there, it's really just a matter of wading through all of the platforms available. While narrowing your list down to industry needs, keep in mind the individual needs of the company, as well.

Alternatively, you could partner with an experienced 3PL. A 3PL brings their expertise, network, and most importantly, their software to the table with them. Even more than that, they will install, customize, and manage these systems for you if you need them to do so. When you consider the cost of the software, the time needed to train your employees, and the general upkeep involved, it is a lot to take on by yourself.

That said, let's take a look at 3 of our favorite 3PL software solutions that are available in 2019.


Logiwa WMS 

For those who specialize in warehouse management and order fulfillment, Logiwa WMS is a viable option. This platform is what is known as a warehouse management system and, as the name implies, it handles a variety of warehousing tasks. Additionally, it can handle more administrative-oriented tasks such as managing warehouse personnel.

Logiwa WMS features a plethora of tools that are not only simple to use but also robust enough to fulfill your daily tasks. Some of the more advanced tools include barcoding solutions, automated MHS, and RFID tagging capabilities.

This platform is exceptionally beneficial for those who operate multiple fulfillment or online shopping networks. It integrates with Magento, Walmart, Shopify, and Amazon accounts currently. Furthermore, it is built on a .NET framework it will integrate fairly easily with your existing logistics tools, as well.

Logiwa WMS is best for those who deal with the daily movement of larger quantities of freight.  


Excalibur WMS 

The next 3PL software solution on our list is Excalibur WMS by Camelot.

This is a cloud-based platform but it can also be deployed on-site if preferred. Designed from the ground up to be a full suite of logistics tools, it's geared more toward larger companies.  And while built for daily warehouse and fulfillment center tasks, arguably the best feature about Excalibur is its flexibility for customization. It can be set up for specific industries ranging from hazmat, cold storage, e-commerce, dry storage, and many other industry-specifics.  

This 3PL software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. A platform that is known for putting the power of control in the user’s hands. Even better, this means that Excalibur WMS can also integrate with other modules (mainly accounting modules) for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

You can control inventory management, receiving and shipping, invoicing, billing, and multiple, customized reporting functions. Additionally, this software solution features tons of data collection and integration solutions. Some of these include carrier integration, QuickBooks, shopping carts, and EDI.

Moreover, this is a 24/7 solution. It automates the order fulfillment process even after hours  


Da Vinci 

If you’re a mid-level online merchant, Da Vinci is a worthwhile contender. This platform is a budget and volume-friendly solution offered by Wolin Design Group.

And similar to the previous solutions on our list, it is a cloud-based service that can also be installed on-premise. It’s great for wholesale or retail operations with a constant supply of order intake. Additionally, retail businesses love it due to its ability to manage multiple SKU’s. And if you are running multiple shopping platforms, Da Vinci features ERP and EDI shopping cart integration.

It’s a good solution for those who use small parcel shipping as their primary mode of transportation. Furthermore, it comes with packing customization, yard management, LTL and FTL support, and barcode scanning integration.   


Final Thoughts

The 3 best 3PL software solutions we've covered above will all do a good job of managing your distribution and warehousing needs. Of course, there are literally dozens of new platforms being launched every year, with new tools designed to streamline the supply chain process. However, none of these software solutions run or maintain themselves. For this reason, it is a wise idea to harness the true power of these platforms with the assistance of a 3PL expert.

A robust third-party logistics company like Redwood Logistics has access to all the best 3PL software solutions. While it might be alluring to use a cookie-cutter 3PL software solution, it simply isn't justifiable. That's when you need an experienced 3PL in your corner. 

If you have any questions about how to integrate the best 3PL software solutions for your business, contact Redwood Logistics today.