Why Online Stores use Shipping Software Solutions

shipping software

An eCommerce business depends on optimizing their shipping networks as customers demand it. A constant struggle that all online businesses deal with is finding creative ways of shipping their products to consumers quickly, without breaking the bank. 

Shipping optimization software is the solution eCommerce professionals actively seek. 

The latest and greatest technology tools are infused into shipping optimization software. From automated shipping update notifications to carrier and shipping service rating, hiring, and billing, eCommerce business owners can utilize the customizable tools and dashboards to improve shipping services across the board.

There are multiple reasons why an online business could use shipping optimization software, but we’re here to define some of the ways they can benefit by having a professional 3PL configure one specifically to fit their individual needs. 

Let’s break down three of the best attributes that shipping optimization offers an online business that ships their products independently through brick and mortar locations. 


How Does Shipping Software Work?  

Like any other Software as a Service (SaaS) product, shipping optimization solutions are designed to optimize a specific task. In this case, it’s the shipping of commodities purchased online to customers across the globe. An eCommerce company can work with a third-party logistics business to develop the software to help improve the individual shipping struggles they deal with in today’s competitive online marketplace. 

Here is how this type of software works

When a customer orders a product from your website, the shipping order is established. Depending on your order fulfillment process, the shipping optimization software can be set up to find the right shipping solution based on multiple input fields. 


The right shipping commitment

Many customers want their products sent to them as soon as possible. However, few of them want to pay the premium cost of overnight delivery, and most shippers don’t want to reduce their margins to offer this service.

Shipping optimization software receives multiple rates from several expedited carriers to provide you with options to route the shipment to the right carrier and benefit both the customer and eCommerce business.


Special handling requirements

Shipping optimization software can also be configured to locate carriers that offer special handling services including hazardous materials, cold supply chain, chemicals, secure tracking, and more. 


Customized access

3PLs can also configure shipping optimization software solutions to be cloud-based, mobile-accessed, and loaded with advanced communication tools. The reality is that all users prefer settings that improve the user experience, which is why it’s so helpful to have a professional 3PL set-up your software to improve the user experience. 


How Does Shipping Software Help eCommerce Businesses?  

Most shipping experts believe that shipping optimization software is best suited for eCommerce businesses that ship multiple products per day. The major reason why they are wrong is that shipping optimization software is scalable, meaning you can add tools, users, and accessibility as your shipping needs expand. 

Here are a few of the benefits it provides shippers of any level:


Reduce overhead expenses

Once the platform has been set up for your individual business needs, it can generate reports that review the optimization and efficiency of any shipping service. It provides you with insights that matter to your individual business and shipping service. Whether you utilize a 3PL for distribution and shipping, or handle everything in house, the software can benefit any eCommerce business. 


Set up shipping portfolios

If you ship to the same customers frequently, a shipping optimization software solution is quite beneficial. Users can set up individual customer shipping portfolios – allowing them to process shipments quicker and use fewer resources. 


Instant notifications

Customers expect to receive instant updates on the status of their shipments. Having this last mile capability infused into your shipping software helps you improve customer service, reduce missed deliveries, which improves shipping efficiency.


Work With a Trusted 3PL

Most retailers choose eCommerce platforms to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. Improving the efficiency of your shipping operations, saving money, improving delivery time, and customer communication is all possible by using shipping optimization software.

The key is working with the right 3PL to develop a customized solution for your business type. 

If you’re looking to integrate shipping software solutions to your eCommerce or online marketplace, reach out to Redwood Logistics today.