Why Carriers Make White Glove Service a Priority

white glove service

When you hear the phrase white glove service, what instantly comes to mind? If receiving a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice on a beach in Maui watching the sunrise comes to mind, I would agree with you.

In the shipping industry, however, white glove service is typically related to last mile logistics. This essentially describes the final few steps in a delivery before the product makes its way to the customer's doorstep. But white glove deliveries go far beyond this simple definition!

In most situations, white glove or last mile logistics is a focus point for smaller package deliveries. However, it applies all the same to larger shipments, as well. 

Today's customer demands professionalism and timely delivery of everything that they order. Whether it's the pizza or a complete truckload of freight arriving at their storage facility, providing white glove service is critical for customer satisfaction.

In today's blog, we will talk about some of the creative ways that larger carriers improve their last mile logistics programs by focusing on white glove service. 


When do Carriers Provide White Glove Service?

The term white glove service comes from the fact that many larger or fragile items require more than the standard shipping experience. In many cases, due to the fragility of these items, carriers often wear white gloves to protect the products when unloading them. This is done to prevent damage or getting the shipment dirty.

There are a variety of products that require the use of white glove service. Some of these products include large items such as furniture or expensive items. In general, any product that may suffer damage rather easily should be handled through a white glove service.

The idea behind this service is not just to keep items from getting dirty or damaged. While that is certainly an underlying premise, there is more to it than that.

Simply put, white glove services provide customers with a sense of attentiveness and extra care of their products. It shows them that the carrier is focused on satisfying the customer by providing a top of the line service.


How White Glove Service is Beneficial to Carriers and Customers Alike

When a less than truckload carrier talks about last mile delivery services, it's much more complex than simply sending their customers push notifications on their mobile devices. Most delivery platforms focus on providing quicker updates to consumers alerting them to potential delays in delivery of the items they order. As a matter of fact, most delivery companies spend a fair amount of their last mile service budgets on communication platforms. And these platforms are not cheap, and they require all their own upkeep. It is an investment, to say the least. But it is an investment that will pay for itself over time as customers remain loyal and happy with the detailed services and alerts.

So, having said that, what are the 3 main benefits of white glove delivery service?


Improving Route Structure and Optimization 

Deliveries are easier to schedule and arrive on time when the LTL carrier’s route is optimized for efficiency. And this optimization is something that carriers keep in mind when planning a white glove service.

Many LTL companies are discovering the hidden value of route optimization software. These platforms help them better plan for the unexpected such as weather delays, construction, or increased volume. By keeping these things at the forefront of every delivery, it just further increases the positive experience of a white glove delivery. It just feels more attentive and tailored to meet the customer's needs. 

As a result, white glove service is enhanced for the customer, as well as improving the overall efficiency of the delivery. It is a win-win situation. 


Expediting Customer Communication 

In many situations, the delivery window of receiving freight is not very efficient for most LTL carriers. To expedite this common situation, many LTL carriers are upgrading their transportation management software to include customized alerts of incoming customer communication. 

If the carrier tries to contact the customer, they may not always be available at the moment. When the recipient calls back, voice mails are exchanged, and a game of phone tag ensues. Of course, this is not ideal, but it does happen quite frequently. 

By setting up custom alerts that notify a user that a customer has contacted them and left a voicemail, the carrier can call back instantly. This improves the opportunity to reschedule, which results in a single delivery attempt and most importantly a happy customer. It also helps to improve on-road efficiency, which saves the carrier money.   


Follow-Up Service

White glove service is more than just being presentable when making a delivery. It is more than slipping on white gloves, putting on a smile and carefully unloading the products.

White glove service is a very broad term and it incorporates quite a lot of different processes that are geared to provide the customer with a beyond stellar experience.

See, this service doesn't end nor begin during the "last mile". From the moment the customer calls in and schedules a delivery, white glove service begins the moment the shipper picks up the phone. It is a feeling that shippers give their customers, it is a peace of mind, and more importantly, it is the follow-up that takes place afterward.

Sure, impress the customer with your attentiveness and willingness to go that extra mile in the field. But, there is no better way to build customer loyalty and find ways to improve your services than contacting the customers a few days later to ensure that the delivery was to their satisfaction. Ask them what about it made them feel secure and confident in the carrier. Also, ask them what could have been performed a bit better.

White glove service is all about that exclusive feeling you give customers. The more you cater to their needs and show them that they are not just another order number, the better chance you have that they will become long-term, loyal clients.


Final Thoughts

If you’re an LTL carrier who is looking to improve your last mile or white glove services, give Redwood Logistics a call today. We’ve specialized in helping companies of all types improve their logistics networks. We achieve this over and over again by finding unique ways of improving their delivery services, without compromising costs.