What are the Benefits of a Good Dispatcher?

good dispatcher

Probably one of the most overlooked positions in any logistics operation is that of the dispatcher. Good dispatchers spend countless hours scheduling freight movements, communicating with drivers, customers, suppliers, vendors, and many others. They are usually the first to reply to an emergency situation on the road. Likewise, they are also the last to leave the office after all drivers have completed their daily hauls. 

However, dispatchers do much more than simply answer phones. In fact, dispatch professionals are typically responsible for all communication. And yes, that includes prior to, during, and after all vehicles have completed on-road activities. 

Having a strong team of professionals working for your transportation company is crucial to success. But a dedicated team of dispatchers who are exceptional communicators, thrive under pressure, and self-manage can make all the difference. 

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some of the benefits of hiring and keeping good dispatchers on your team!


They Keep Drivers Active

The best quality of good dispatchers is the ability to multitask and delegate hauls to the appropriate drivers.

While they spend a large portion of their day managing active hauls, they also focus on keeping drivers on course and lining up new hauls for them. 

When drivers spend less time sitting on the side of the road or waiting for work, it not only keeps them active but saves money on payroll. Furthermore, it improves customer service and expands opportunities for more business later in the day. 


They Take Care of Customers 

A dispatcher must be a well-rounded communicator.

Whether it’s being able to calmly speak with drivers to help them with a pick-up or delivery or sending and replying to emails from recipients or shipping customers, the best dispatchers are exceptional problem solvers. This type of talent is needed to resolve customer inquiries when a scheduled delivery is late, or they never arrived for the pick-up of freight. 

Good dispatchers are crucial for resolving potentially hostile customer experiences by being compassionate listeners. Since many customers base their shipping options on the quality of customer service, all logistics companies should employ the best of the best dispatchers they can find.


They Help Companies Stay on Top of Government Regulations

A good transportation company is fully aware of all regulations for gross weight, HOS, hazmat services, and the like.

However, very few executives spend time on the road or have a direct impact on following up with drivers to ensure they don’t exceed the ELD mandate and other regulations.

This task falls on dispatchers, who understand all regulations and laws regarding the movement of freight. Additionally, they are expected to stay on top of scheduling, routing, and replacing drivers as potential regulatory restrictions approach. 

This type of proactive service helps carriers to stay compliant. However, it also reduces potential on road accident and minimizes the risk of fines.


Good Dispatchers Keep Drivers Happy 

A good dispatcher knows drivers are the lifeline of any delivery-based operation. When asked to work long hours or deal with adverse working conditions, it can create conflict. Since the transportation industry is already suffering from a driver shortage, keeping them happy, safe, and in good spirits has multiple benefits for the company.