What are the Benefits of a Dynamic Routing Platform? 

dynamic routing platform

Today's consumers have high expectations for the companies that they choose to give their patronage. Honestly, as technology consistently advances, people want instant gratification. Whether it's being able to access files and data from their mobile phones or receiving notifications that their delivery is 15 minutes away, technology gives customers what they want. And the king of that technology is the dynamic routing platform.

What dynamic routing platforms equip businesses with is a powerful resource that allows them to hone in on the areas of their operation that have the largest impact on their bottom-line. The areas that generally need the most attention are on-road efficiency, delivery errors, and last-mile complications. By having the ability to look in-depth into these areas, companies can increase profit-margins rather quickly.

With a dynamic routing platform, you have a powerhouse of data right at your fingertips. From scheduling a specific route to tracking freight and so much more, dynamic routing software can handle it all. Additionally, information such as weather or construction delays is sent as real-time alerts that allow companies to change carrier routes on the fly. All of this combined allows companies to better plan future shipping routes based on historical data as well as increase profits by continuing to deliver a flawless shipping experience.

Sure, the customers are buying products, but if they constantly contend with shipping areas, they will indeed take their business elsewhere.

And this is where dynamic routing steps in.


What are the Top Benefits of Using a Dynamic Routing Platform? 

When you swap out your dated routing network with a software solution, it offers businesses several benefits: 


Improved Route Efficiency  

It is often assumed that construction, traffic, or other road-related issue are out of the control of a delivery company. But that is not completely accurate. 

Dynamic routing platforms include updated communication and GPS tracking solutions that allow a dispatcher or user to review the on-road performance of a delivery route - in real time. 

This ability permits them to send instant notifications to the delivery driver, which improves overall route efficiency and allows the company to better serve their customers. 

Increased Stops Per Hour 

Everybody in logistics uses metrics to measure the success or failure of their operations. One of the most important is stops per hour. By using a dynamic routing platform, delivery companies can improve their services drastically.  They can decrease overall stops per hour, improve safety. 

Reduced Operational Costs 

Another important metric to keep a close eye on is operational costs.

Vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, and paying drivers are some of the most important entries in a company's budget. Today's dynamic routing platforms perform various tasks. They can print out reports or display them on an easy to access dashboard. This permits operation managers, fleet managers, and even delivery drivers to review their on-road performance.


Final Thoughts

Integrating a dynamic routing platform into your supply chain is only but one piece of a large puzzle.

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