Redwood Provides Fresh Savings For RWI


RWI Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that is part of the Castellini group of companies, one of the largest distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh-cut produce, and floral products in the country.

redwood logistics

The Challenge

In order to better service a rapidly expanding customer base and gain a competitive edge in the market, RWI Logistics required a robust and flexible integration platform that could adapt to rapidly changing business needs. The platform needed to support emerging technologies as well as legacy software. The ideal solution required automated connections with customers and carriers to drive increased customer retention, reduced workload and cost to serve. This project not only supported the needs of existing business challenges, but it was also a vehicle to enable scale for future growth.

In the previous state, all systems integrated with the transportation management system (TMS) were supported through multiple channels across multiple vendors. RWI’s internal skill level for support and troubleshooting varied greatly and the ability to improve or expand functionality was very limited without a digital transformation strategy.

The Results

RWI ultimately chose to partner with Redwood Supply Chain Solutions, a Platform Services division of Redwood Logistics, and TMS implementation and integration expert. Redwood delivered RedwoodConnect (the Supply Chain Integration Platform) to enable supply chain engineering, next-generation systems integration, complex business process orchestration, big data movement and storage as well as data analytics. RedwoodConnect is now instrumental in RWI’s ability to quickly manage and scale new customer onboardings and automate multiple business processes.

"Redwood Supply Chain Solutions has played an integral role in our technology advancements which helped modernize our business, drive cost out of our operations through technology efficiencies, and enabled expansion of our service capabilities."

David Noone, Executive Vice President & General Manager

The Benefits

This partnership allowed Redwood to deliver an important foundation for executing customer business, and achieve RWI’s growth strategy through system efficiency that ultimately minimized labor needed to execute and support daily operations.

Additional benefits of RedwoodConnect:

  • Customer-specific integrations allow for custom business logic to be applied, thus reducing manual touchpoints and increasing customer retention.
  • Quickly deliver new updates and maintain ever-changing business integration requirements.
  • The API-led architecture enables nimble connectivity and powerful data-in-motion strategies to send any data, any format, any protocol.
  • Connect everything with easier onboarding and a faster timeline to value and higher return on investment.
  • Standardized business operation and automation become possible.
  • Quick scalability and enhanced data visibility reduce the impact on IT resources.

Integration efforts that used to take months now take only days or weeks, which leads to accelerated customer onboardings and quicker recognized revenues. RedwoodConnect allows for automated integrations and supply chain visibility through dashboard reporting, which enables RWI personnel to be proactive rather than reactive to any potential file failures resulting from incorrect customer data.