Redwood Launches Newest Freight Tech Offering at Global Supply Chain Week

Redwood's newest freight technology offering can save you time and money on freight quotes and routing guide planning.

freight technology

Shippers, like you, deserve a better way to quote, book and manage your freight.

The days of manually quoting and procuring capacity are no longer a sustainable freight management tactic. With market demand reaching all-time highs, you need more efficient methods and tools to get products to your end consumers faster and more cost-effectively.

On Wednesday, February 24, at 2:05 PM EST, we unveiled our newest Rating API offering at FreightWave's Global Supply Chain Week, which will transform how you buy and manage your freight.

Hear from Redwood's Chief Product Officer, Mike Reed, and Chief Innovation Officer, Eric Rempel, as they discussed Redwood's latest solution and shed light on the digital freight platforms and tools that will help elevate shippers' routing guide planning and execution in 2021.

Check out our Rating API solution to learn how it can save you time and money carry out your routing guide strategy.

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