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Immediate Quotes. Guaranteed Capacity.

Hold Your Routing Guide to a Higher Standard with Redwood Rating API

Quick setup, seamless TMS integration. Book freight in seconds with market-based rates and 100% tender acceptance.

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Asset 1 API Tool

Maximum Visibility & Versatility With Instant Multimodal Booking

Spend less time covering rejected freight and more time growing your business. Redwood’s API Rating Tool automates workflows between primary carrier committed capacity and spot freight. Plus, with 26,000+ vetted carriers and truckload, LTL, temp control and flatbed modes, you’re fully covered.

Top Benefits From Redwood Rating API

How It Works: Quote & Book Freight With a Single Click

  1. Your TMS automatically sends shipment details to Redwood’s API server.
  2. Redwood’s API server sends bookable rates back to your TMS in seconds.
  3. The planner books instantly with a single click and guaranteed capacity.
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Seconds Average Time
of Rate Response
100 %
Tender Acceptance
10 %
Average Reduction of
Spot Market Rates

See How Redwood Rating API Works

Get rates instantly from a huge network of qualified carriers, allowing you to compare and book guaranteed capacity in real-time.

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