Modernizing the OTM Platform

OTM platform

We’ve seen clients try to implement transportation management systems (TMS), like Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), too often without success or minimal return. Without proper implementation, their systems are never utilized to their full potential, and the TMS ends up being a cost center. That’s why there are two primary reasons many companies turn to Redwood for OTM platform implementation:

  • To ensure their supply chain systems are properly integrated
  • To achieve maximum ROI on their OTM investment.

 At Redwood, one of our key strategic initiatives is to enable Oracle clients to migrate to a modern platform to efficiently manage their supply chain operations. Being one of the longest standing OTM integrators, we possess the experience and the trained personnel to help you achieve this goal.  

OTM. In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of the modern OTM platform as well as the advantages of partnering with Redwood Logistics to optimize your supply chain from start to finish.

Cloud vs on-premises implementation

One of the reasons our Redwood team values OCI generation 2 is its internet-based architecture and cloud implementation. One of the greatest hindrances of traditional transportation management systems is the extensive and expensive on-premises hardware. The Oracle platform is accessible on standard web browsers, which means it can be easily deployed, integrated, and utilized almost instantaneously across even multi-national organizations.

Some of the benefits of using a cloud-based transportation management system like OTM:  

  • Supports mobile devices, so portable access is available for on-the-go logistics managers
  • Real-time and up-to-date information and analysis, which allows for faster decision making
  • Flexibility and scalability to expand easily with growth (or cut) in users, volume, and business processes without sacrificing performance
  • No expensive hardware that takes up room in each logistical location along the supply chain
  • Easy integration and secure communication with internal and external partners
  • Transparency allows carriers to manage shipments, suppliers to route orders, and even customers to view the status of deliveries
  • Never have to do a lengthy, time-consuming, headache-inducing software upgrade ever again


Return on investment opportunities  

Whenever you’re looking at implementing a new system or process, it all comes down to one question: will this system increase revenue and profit margins? When it comes to Redwood’s use of OTM, the answer is a resounding “yes.” There are multiple opportunities for a strong return on investment, especially when implemented and employed by Redwood’s trained and experienced team.

Here are just a few of the many ways that we leverage the OTM to increase your revenue:  

  • Connecting OTM to your entire tech stack with Redwood’s proprietary integration platform, RedwoodConnect
  • Optimizing the network lane map and distribution pattern
  • Acknowledging points of weaknesses and strengths to increase service
  • Analyzing which packages should be sent as parcel vs LTL shipments for lowest spend and fastest speed
  • Utilizing open existing LTL shipments for available parcels (mix-mode consolidation)
  • Consolidating LTL shipments shipping from same O/D pair on the same day with different bills of lading (mix-receipt consolidation)
  • Determining where and whether to hold shipments for a day or two to optimize cost as well as speed
  • Introducing new carriers and partners into the supply chain that can easily and successfully implement the OTM platform (one of the world’s leading TMS options)


It fits logistics of all sizes  

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established enterprise, every business size can see success with the high-performance service and offerings of the OTM system. It allows for flexible, scalable business process automation from the most basic to the most complex logistics requirements. Our biggest clients are seeing major success from Redwood’s OTM implementation. 

Many of our clients have come to us when they were small- or medium-sized, and the use of our expert Redwood team paired with our advanced tech offerings like OTM implementation has enabled their logistics, revenue, and even sales teams to skyrocket. We’ve seen so many clients grow to giants during their time with us. That’s why we utilize management systems and optimization processes that enable our clients to scale over time.  


You have instant access to experience  

If you already have a logistics team, they’re probably experienced in a lot of areas. But if they’ve never worked with a high-end cloud-based transportation management system, they may not have the expertise required to properly implement and utilize the software to its full potential (until adequately trained on it).  

Working with Redwood Logistics means connecting with a partner who has a team of over 70 integration specialists with decades of accrued experience. From the way we run a comprehensive upfront analysis that develops your ROI strategy to how we quickly and easily integrate OTM into your standard procedures, the Redwood team is there for you every step of the way with ease, simplicity, and an emphasis on optimization and cost savings.  


It’s easy to get started  

One of the biggest issues we see with our clients is that they feel overwhelmed at the idea of implementing, integrating, and training a new transportation management system.  

By partnering with a logistics service provider like Redwood Logistics, you have a hands-off application with the greatest possible deployment success. Better yet, not only do you only need two months of historical shipping data, Redwood uses a non-intrusive method to get the job done. We make a point not to interfere with your daily operations because we know daily interruptions are among the most significant impediments and pain points when implementing a new management system.  

Instead, we look at your data and current systems, and then we utilize our years of industry insight to create a consolidated view of your logistics network. Through our OTM service and other technological offerings, we can then identify savings opportunities, build strategies for your team, and deliver the results you’ve been looking for.  


To learn more about our TMS implementation services, and an integration specialist will reach out to you to get started.