Looking to Outsource Data Collection?

Outsource Data Collection

Why Should You Outsource Data Collection to a 3PL? 

Not that long ago, companies were still doing everything in-house. Everything from tracking shipments to basic data collection was handled by the company itself. And while this is usually a smart idea to save a bit of money, it isn't always the most feasible. And that little bit of money... well, it could be used to pay your own workers to focus on other tasks while the larger job is outsourced.

Thankfully, as the shipping industry has grown over the years, things have changed. More shippers are reaching out to 3PLs than ever before to help them with a wide variety of tasks.

One of the most common services that many shippers are seeking help with is data collection. And it is no surprise as to why, either. Data is at the core of everything that a company does. Shippers can analyze this data to find and fix problems in their supply chain that previously may not have been as apparent.

Or, they can hire a 3PL to handle it! After all, there are more important things to be handled around the warehouse.

While 3PLs serve various other roles, many supply chains reach out to them to outsource data collection efforts. And it doesn't hurt that most decent 3PLs are equipped with a plethora of nifty software platforms and other tools. These tools are what allow them to monitor your supply chain data and isolate problematic areas.

Let's take a look at two of the top benefits of outsourcing your data collection...


Improves Customer Service

The supply chain industry is extremely competitive. Not to mention that about 30% of all jobs in the united states involve freight movement in some way. Needless to say, it is competitive and saturated.

When an industry is as large as the shipping industry, there are more options for customers. If they aren't satisfied with the shipping service you provide, all it takes is the press of a button to find a new shipping company. About 95% of the time, customers switch shippers due to a bad overall experience. Usually, this is the one experience or complaint that they don't always bring up to the shipper. It's just easier to jump ship, right?

Luckily, this is one problem that good data collection efforts are able to correct.

See, by comparative analyzation of historical data, you are able to better determine what caused an issue. Maybe they experienced constant damages. Maybe you discover one specific carrier moved all of those specific deliveries. This is just one example, but the possibilities are truly endless.

With this new data, it is simply a matter of putting a plan to prevent it from happening in the future.

Not just any data collection will do, though. Find an experienced 3PL that is focused on helping your company improve the customer experience, first and foremost. After all, without customers, you simply have no business.

It all begins and ends with your customers.


Improves Efficiency

Walk into your average board meeting these days, and I’d wager you’ll hear the phrase “improved efficiency” mentioned. Let's be honest, it is probably the topic of next Tuesday's meeting!

But did you know that improving efficiency has been shown to indeed increase sales? I know, from your desk in the warehouse it's kind of hard to see the direct effect it has on business. And, we know that it seems like such an obvious, cliche answer. At the same time, it seems like such a large, unrealistic task.

Improving the efficiency of the services that you offer is a key component of every successful business. The ability to better cater to your customers by monitoring buying habits, popular products, and reasonable price points, is nothing short of a great investment.

Improving efficiency is an area that data collection and analyzation absolutely excels in when done thoroughly and regularly.


Are You Ready to Outsource Data Collection to a 3PL?

The key to efficiently managing a successful business is being able to consolidate data for review, and it must be done in a way that is organized, planned, and closely monitored. 

Here at Redwood Logistics, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to start collecting data for just about any size company. We can get a solid game plan outlined for you to have you up and running with minimal effort.

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