The Power of Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management

Some folks argue that the most overused phrase in today's lexicon is - “A game-changer.”

As a matter of fact, marketing and salespeople specifically love to use these three words to stimulate consumers into purchasing products that will “revolutionize the industry.”

However, most of the sales and marketing gurus out there don’t even realize the point of the game. Nor do they understand the hurdles and objectives that often plague companies who play the game in the first place.

Companies with multiple vehicles in their fleet have several rules and regulations that they must follow. So, changing the game isn’t an essential achievement – nor is it always an option.

Sometimes, having a platform that allows you to organize, structure, and report daily fleet management tasks simplifies the game significantly.

This is where fleet management software comes in quite handy.

Fleet management software has been around for quite some time. However, like most technology, it has evolved to be more accessible and user-friendly than ever before. Filled with practical tools, it helps fleet managers and company executives review the performance of their fleet maintenance programs, route optimization, and other areas of concern.

If you have a fleet of vehicles in a delivery, manufacturing, retail, or sales related industry, you need this powerful tool! Not only can it help you optimize and fine-tune your fleet operations, but it also enables you to stay ahead of the game.

Let's take some time to review a few of the benefits and new tools available to users of fleet management software programs.


What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) with a focus on providing fleet managers with a better perspective of their management tasks.

Essentially, it is a piece of software that collects data related to the performance, and maintenance of the fleet’s equipment and people. The data collected may include vehicle maintenance reports, registration, insurance data, and much more. This data is then reviewed, pain points are discovered, and appropriate actions are taken to resolve them.

And just like most technological innovations of recent times, fleet management software is generally hosted in a cloud-based server. The level of accessibility that cloud-based solutions offers allows access from just about any mobile device with an internet connection. This user-friendly function is especially beneficial for fleet managers and operation managers who are always on the go.

Pretty straightforward, right?

So now that we know what fleet management software is, let's take a look at some of its benefits.


How Does Fleet Management Software Benefit the Supply Chain?

An FMS solution can benefit fleets with multiple pieces of equipment, employees, and trucks. Some of the top features that fleet management software offers include the following:


Stay on top of vehicle maintenance

Anyone with a basic knowledge of mechanical equipment understands the importance of scheduled routine maintenance. However, many fleet operators keep detailed records of vehicle maintenance for legal reasons as well.

Fleet management software solutions give fleet managers, drivers, and mechanics, an easy to access platform to upload various service records. These service records include things like vehicle operation or mechanical failures and scheduled maintenance activities.


Maintain Compliance & Warranty Data

If the equipment is purchased or asset-based, maintaining detailed records of maintenance is critical when filing warranty information. Today's FMS solution simplifies the process of paperwork control, documenting vehicle maintenance, and other reporting functions that manufacturers require.


Extend Product Lifespan by Leveraging Fleet Management Software

FMS solutions also allow a business to extend the lifespan of their equipment.

This is where this SaaS really shines as it notifies fleet managers, drivers, and line personnel when it is time for routine service. It checks for things such as oil levels, tire rotations, or safety equipment maintenance/recalls.

Better yet, an FMS will send notifications to individual users via their device of choice.


Improve Invoicing & Driver Monitoring

FMS solutions can also expedite invoicing for partners such as part suppliers, shippers, and carriers, and vendors. It can also monitor drivers in real-time, providing insights into route optimization, safety records, and more.  The goal of any fleet is to optimize its operations.


Final Thoughts

Whether it’s cutting down on miles driven, fuel consumed, or on-road accidents, a robust FMS helps companies optimize their fleets.

If you’re managing a fleet or have a need for an improved or customized fleet management software solution, reach out to Redwood Logistics. Let our years of experience working with fleets of all sizes and industries be your guide!