Enterprise TMS – The New Kid on the Block

Enterprise TMS

Planning, tracking, and analyzing freight movement is much easier with technology.

Since the invention of the supply chain, shippers have searched high and low for ways to improve it. Today’s shippers depend on technological solutions to connect with carriers, plan and track their shipments, and even generate reports to review analytical data. One of the latest creations is Enterprise TMS – an innovative platform that has been engineered to optimize the movement of freight throughout the supply chain.

While there are several sub-sets of the modern transportation management system, Enterprise TMS is one that simplifies and centralizes the shipping best practices. In the information below, we’ll begin to further explain the meat and potatoes of Enterprise TMS and explain a few of the benefits that this relatively new TMS solution offers shippers in multiple industries.


An Introduction to Enterprise TMS

Enterprise TMS is a revolutionary transportation management system (TMS) that has been designed to centralize the shipping practices for those who schedule LTL, FTL, or other carrier services. It’s engineered for simplicity, accessible from a simple-to-use dashboard that can be customized for individual user preferences. In fact, many experts in TMS solutions believe that this new platform is the easiest and user-friendly. Enterprise TMS also automates the process of finding, scheduling, and tracking freight movements.


What are the Benefits of using Enterprise TMS?

There are multiple TMS sub-sets on the market today.  In fact, TMS platforms cater to many different specific industries. The industries that make the most use of this technology include eCommerce, Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail. 

Here are a few of the top benefits of Enterprise TMS platforms...


Create a Qualified Pool of Carriers

Enterprise is a cloud-based solution, meaning everything is stored and operated from an online server – that is updated with data on the fly as you use it. One of the best tools is the carrier selection, which organizes carriers based on multiple criteria. For example, if you need an LTL refer shipment, Enterprise TMS can provide you with a list of qualified carriers. Furthermore, if that shipment needs to travel out of state, the platform will narrow down the list for convenience.


Plan, Route, Track Shipments

Once the shipper has found the best carrier to fit the movement needs, they can then set up the shipment, route the delivery, and even track once it’s been picked up. Shippers can customize the dashboard to their liking. Doing so makes it easier to quickly review, monitor or modify all details of any shipment.

Tracking is made simple as well! With multiple features that permit the user to set up notifications such as email, desktop, or text, shippers stay in the loop 24/7. They can also input the recipient or third-parties contact preferences so that updates entered by the carrier can be sent instantly.


Integrate with Your Existing TMS and Order Operating Systems

Retailers and eCommerce companies have unique shipping needs – especially to customers who order their products online. This is where Enterprise TMS kicks in – to help online merchants and drop-shippers automatically fulfill their orders. An Enterprise TMS can connect to your existing systems and complete all steps from finding the right carrier to routing.

Shippers can also set up freight bill paying and reporting functions – which simplifies their invoicing, helps them discover mistakes, and review reporting that is easy to understand.

All of this demonstrates why the modern TMS is the “go to" platform!


Final Thoughts

Like any new software or technology, working with a professional is the best way to ensure a smooth transition.

A 3PL provider like Redwood Logistics through offers cutting -edge technology to improve your operations. And yes, this now includes Enterprise TMS solutions and integration! 

If you’re a shipper in any industry looking to upgrade your TMS solutions with a robust and easy to use platform, give us a call today!