4 Must-Have Fulfillment Software Features

fulfillment software features

When businesses invest in order fulfillment software, ROI is a crucial metric that helps them decide how the money is best spent. However, there are many ways to measure the overall return on investment. Some believe that an improvement in customer relations is the key. Yet, others may say that fewer keystrokes per routed shipment is a good enough reason to justify the cost. So, while everyone has their own definition of ROI, they can all agree on one thing. They all agree that it really just boils down to the fulfillment software features.

Upgrading outdated software is something that most fulfillment centers perform every few years. As technology improves, the flexibility to efficiently process customer orders improves. And through that improvement, the scalability of the business increases. 

So, what are these attributes or features? Let's take a look at the top 4 features that shippers should look for when in the market to upgrade their fulfillment software...


Cloud Connectivity

Most of today’s businesses understand the flexibility afforded by cloud-based technology. Whether it’s a document storage system, or subscription-based solution, having the freedom to access information remotely is a huge benefit.

This type of connectivity is just as critical with order fulfillment software. 

In fact, when a fulfillment center utilizes an order fulfillment software solution, being hosted in the cloud has many benefits. Not only can team members access data on the fly, but they can do it from a number of devices, and they can do it all remotely.

Furthermore, data stored in the cloud is just simply more secure. Check out this article if you want to learn more about the advantages of cloud-based solutions.



A major reason why many shippers prefer to outsource their fulfillment to a 3PL is due to a growing need to expand their business based on volume. However, this scalability is really only achievable through a solid order processing and fulfillment system. 

Likewise, your fulfillment software features should also be scalable. As your business grows, your demand for better, more efficient tools grows with it.

Most of today’s software platforms tackle the scalability issue rather well. Users can be added or removed as the business reaches peak volume or slowdowns in sales and order processing. Before signing on the dotted line with any 3PL software provider, make sure the software has a little bit of wiggle room for future growth. 


Customized Labeling 

Multiple regulatory requirements exist for certain types of products shipped across the United States. Items like hazardous materials, batteries, and pharmaceuticals have specific labeling requirements. Advanced fulfillment software features are built-in to many of these platforms and some of these tools help with labeling.

Additionally, the best 3PL software solutions offer fulfillment centers the flexibility to customize their labeling for specific consumer types.


Remote Billing

Customers love it when there is a certain level of flexibility in their e-Commerce and online shopping experiences. In fact, improving the online shopping experience to comply with evolving standards is a growing trend for online merchants. 

For fulfillment centers that offer storage, shipping, receiving, and inventory charges to clients, enhanced billing functions are crucial to ensure all invoices are paid on time. Furthermore, it allows the customer to have a sense of control over their payment process, and this helps to foster strong relationships and partnerships.


Final Thoughts

Each of these important tools and attributes are crucial to the efficient and smooth operation of any fulfillment software solution.

For those who manage or operate a fulfillment center, working with a professional 3PL that truly understands the ebb and flow of daily fulfillment center activities is of major benefit!

If you’re looking to improve your outdated 3PL software, contact Redwood Logistics and inquire about our 3PL software solutions.