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Efficient LTL Solutions That You Can Count On

Save with Tailored, End to End Less-Than-Truckload Shipping Solutions
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Take Full Control of Your LTL Operations

Gain the competitive edge for your shipment operations through cut costs, optimized deliveries, and customizable optionality with Redwood's Modern LTL Suite.

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Redwood Logistics Uncovers 10% LTL Savings for
ASPEQ Heating Group

Redwood LTL Benefits

Contract Management

Personalized Contract Management

Our LTL experts will negotiate rates, identify hidden cost savings, and manage contracts to your advantage, saving you money on shipments.  

Contract Management

Innovative Solutions

Tailored, Innovative Solutions

Unlock industry leading results with our best-in-class analytics and proprietary rate base, rules tariff and fuel schedule. 

Innovative Solutions

Modern 4PL Ecosystem

Leading Modern 4PL Ecosystem

End-to-end logistics management with in-house solutions. From moving shippers to FAK (Freight of All Kinds) to connecting your disparate systems via RedwoodConnect. 

Modern 4PL Ecosystem

Network Design

Customized Network Design

We partner with you to engineer a custom supply chain that flexes and scales alongside your business goals. 

Network Design

Auditing & Data Reporting

Specialized Auditing & Data Reporting 

Our audits catch errors before they impact your bottom line, speeding up your order-to-cash process.  

Auditing and Data Reporting

Redwood LTL Portfolio

Fulfill Your LTL Needs with Redwood Logistics

Director/VP of Transportation

Increased Revenue

Improve time to value across your supply chain, increasing profitability through faster and more efficient operations 

Cost Forecasting

Generate more accurate and accessible data & insights, leveraging the best carrier mix and technology for your business

Risk Mitigation

Find out when and where gaps will happen, before they happen, and be armed with the tools and team to fix those problems before you even know they exist.

tree-rings-gray DirectorVP of Transportation
tree-rings-gray Transportation Manager-Manage

Transportation Manager

More Efficient Operations

Easily manage chaotic carrier routing schedules while making more room in your day for the things you have to get done

Actionable Insights

See all your shipment data in one place, optimizing the resources you already have and helping you make fast, data-based decisions as situations arise

Elevated Customer Experience

Improve on-time pickup and delivery metrics so you can focus on continuous improvement and growth with your end customers

By the Numbers

100 +
Years of Combined LTL Industry Experience
Clients Received Updated Solutions for Cost, Service & Cargo Claims in 2023 Alone
$ 450 M
In LTL Under Management

Access the Latest Insights

Reduce Transit Times

You Can Reduce Your LTL Transit Times

Depending on the needs of your business, shipping with a Less Than Truckload (LTL) strategy might be the most viable option for you.

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Asses Your LTL Options

Assess Your LTL Options After Historic Yellow Bankruptcy

How can you get ahead of disruption and evaluate your network  after Yellow Corporation ceased operations? Discover Redwood's LTL services.

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Case Study: Hollister

Supporting a Healthy Outlook for Hollister's Global Logistics

Learn how Redwood tailored a solution for Hollister streamlining their entire operation, end-to-end control, visibility, and real-time reporting. 

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