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Control Your Shipping Experience with Parcel Advisory

Optimize Small Package Networks & Carrier Contract Negotiation

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Let Redwood Optimize Your Parcel Shipping

Ensure direct client engagement, reduce costs, and uncover opportunities for additional savings with Redwood's parcel contract negotiation, audit, and analysis services. 

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Redwood Parcel Advisory Uncovers 22% Reduction in Costs for Equipment Manufacturer

Parcel Advisory Services

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50-Point Parcel Spend Audit

About 75% of parcel audit refunds go unclaimed, leaving almost $1.5 BILLION left on the table each year. Redwood’s comprehensive audit incorporates hundreds of data points, coupled with auto-filing for credits, all without involving your IT department.

Helping to Elevate Your Parcel Shipping

Watch this exclusive demo of Redwood Parcel, your premiere partner for parcel contract negotiations, audit, and data-led insights. 

Fulfill Your Contract Negotiation Needs with Redwood

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Increased Revenue

Improve time to value across your supply chain, increasing profitability through faster and more efficient operations.

Cost forecasting

Generate more accurate and accessible data & insights, leveraging the best shipping costs and technology for your business. 

Elevated Customer Experience

Enhance on-time and delivery metrics to prioritize continuous improvements and growth, benefiting your end customers with time and cost savings  

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Transportation Manager

More Efficient Operations

Easily manage shipments while making more room in your day for the things you have to get done.

Optimized Carrier Contracts

Connect with carriers whose contracts seamlessly align with your business’ parcel needs.

Elevated Customer Experience

Improve on-time pickup and delivery metrics so you can focus on continuous improvement and growth with your end customers.

Access the Latest Insights

2024 FedEx Rate Increase

Breaking Down the FedEx Rate Increase

As expected, FedEx released its annual general rate increase (GRI) of 5.9% on August 29. Get analysis from Redwood experts on how it'll affect the market.

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ICYMI: UPS Strike Averted

UPS Strike Averted - What it Means for Shippers

A historical strike may be averted with a tentative UPS/Teamsters agreement reached, but the parcel shipping market still has plenty of challenges. 

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Redwood Parcel = Savings

Parcel Mediation Approach Leads to Savings

Redwood Logistics empowers shippers with expertise, data, and savings in parcel shipping. Find out how our team makes it happen.

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Parcel Mediation