Contract Strategy and Optimization

We take a proactive approach to Parcel Management. We develop customer relationships and continuously look for ways to save. Our promise is to identify proactive savings opportunities for our customers year after year.

Our technology rates and analyzes up to 212 data points and 50+ contract elements.  We coach you step-by-step through our fail-safe negotiation process and we don’t stop there.  We remain your parcel experts with monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews that identify proactive savings opportunities beyond contract negotiation.  Our approach allows you to refine your operations and deliver even more bottom line savings for your company.

Redwood Parcel Offers a Free No-Obligation Parcel Check Up. 


We will deliver our key findings to you in under a week.

We can help you answer these key contract questions:

What was your actual rate increase last year?

How many packages hit minimum revenue per package? “The maximum discount”

How many packages were hit with a DAS in the past 12 months? Extended DAS?

How many accounts have a weekly service fee?

What is your average ground and air weight?

What did you spend on fuel in the past 12 months?

What % of your spend is DIM factor? 

What is the effect of “Peak Season Surcharge”? 

How much are address corrections costing you?

What is your current tier?

What actual discounts are currently in place?

And many more…


We help you realize bottom line savings.