Redwood Responsibility

For over 20 years, Redwood Logistics has been moving businesses forward through our connective network of drivers, partners, and vendors. Redwood’s roots have grown strong over the past two decades, because we know the importance of forming connections within our community and around the world.

There are 3 distinct pillars of Redwood Responsibility:
Environmental Stewardship, Social & Workplace Culture, and Corporate Governance


Environmental Stewardship

We focus on Environmental Stewardship through efforts like our SmartWay partner accreditation process, forming strategic partnerships with other socially conscious companies, and through various other projects within our business. Learn More…

Social & Workplace Culture

Our Social & Workplace Culture is at the core of what makes us such a unique and diverse company. We seek to enrich the lives of our employees through inclusive corporate events, philanthropy, fundraising, and charitable giving. Learn More…



Corporate Governance

We strive to act responsibly in the community and around the globe, but in order to do this we must maintain our roots. Through our Corporate Governance efforts we have established an extensive data privacy and cyber security infrastructure, an inclusive and well-rounded standard of ethics, and an innovative approach to management. Learn More…