What is iPaaS?


Cloud storage has revolutionized the way businesses stored data. However, for larger operations, this often means that their data is scattered across multiple cloud-based storage platforms. While the case can be made that this is a good thing it also means that your data is not truly centralized. This alone can make full integration and organization of your data and technical operations a bit difficult.

Fortunately, there is now a solution to all the technical woes of system integration and cross-platform data connectivity.

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is the most effective way to seamlessly connect every digital aspect of any business. In this article, we are going to examine what an iPaaS is, how it impacts workload, and a few of the added features that can take your company to the next level.

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Integration Innovation 

The integration of cloud-stored data has been essential since its inception but the way it has been done for years is often very labor-intensive and only connects to a few other platforms. This expensive and ineffective method was, in its time, a saving grace for any venture.

However, the march of progress never stops and this has led us to the current apex of digital integration; iPaaS.

In essence, what an iPaaS does is take information and allows it to freely pass between all forms of cloud storage automatically. It is not simply meant to link two systems together, but instead connects all your data points and instantly communicates with all the relevant programs that have touchpoints with the same data and need to be kept in the loop across all changes and additions to that data.

The iPaaS acts as a near-universal connector for your data storage solutions, and it is also extremely easy to integrate into just about any business model. This means that even if you currently have a data transfer system in place you can still make the switch. Streamlining the flow of vital information with an automatic program will also likely save your employees some headaches throughout the day.


Man-hours Managed 

How many hours a day do you think are spent moving information from one cloud source to another in a given workplace? While that number isn't necessarily tracked, with a little imagination we can safely say it's far too many. On top of that incompatibility between different servers can lead to data loss or incomplete transfers of critical figures. 

Again, the implementation of an iPaaS comes in handy. The aforementioned instant conveyance of relevant information removes the need for an employee sitting at a desk for the better part of the day! Overall this will increase productivity and ensure greater accuracy for your statistical reports. 


Automatically Awesome 

Once all of your apps are communicating at peak efficiency you will start to notice some of the optional benefits that iPaaS has to offer. This will further streamline your information workflow and remove several opportunities for human error to wreak havoc!

For example, it can really take your inventory management up a notch.

Whether you run multiple storefronts or just have warehouses scattered across the world for quick delivery service, running out of an item can be extremely detrimental. iPaaS makes that a worry of the past as it can be set up to track sales and inventory numbers and automatically dispatch replacement inventory. While manual counts are still advisable, it is only to double-check your systems and no longer has to be the sole method of managing stock.

If your business is less brick and mortar and more on the side of e-commerce there are still amazing benefits for you as well!

With all of your sales funnels connected and communicating to a central point they will also be able to link with billing methods and can be set to automatically send invoices when orders are made. This ensures that invoices go out promptly, that all invoices are built and shipped out, and saves you time by doing the tedious job of sending individual invoices daily.


Parting Ponderance

In a nutshell, iPaaS is technology working it's best for you and is the 21st-century answer to the question "why doesn't it just work?".

Connecting all of your data and being able to view accurate statistics is unimaginably valuable to any modern business. And much like implementing an MCS, it can make even the smallest ventures as efficient as the biggest market players. 

It is certainly time to start considering implementing such a process into your own company as technology continues to advance and takes the market into even more uncharted waters. 

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