Top Freight Audit & Payment Companies

Freight payment and audit is a necessary evil for businesses consistently shipping materials and goods. Companies who do not specialize in freight payment and audit may be leaving large amounts of potential savings on the table. That is why it is important to outsource freight audit and payment to a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) company. LTX is one such company, and we provide our customers with unique and flexible solutions to their problems with freight auditing and payment. While our solutions can provide effective cost savings, we understand that you might want to consider all courses of action before committing to a 3PL. That is why we here at LTX have created a list of the top freight audit and payment companies in the U.S.

Your peace of mind is our primary objective at LTX, and we believe the best way to accomplish this goal is to provide our clients with as much information as possible so that they can make informed business decisions. Here is our list of top freight audit and payment companies:

Cass Information Systems

Location: Headquarters located in St. Louis, MO, with locations throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Year Founded: 1906



• Freight Audit and Payment
• Supply Chain Analysis
• Freight Accounting
• Business Process Analysis
• Utility Payment
• Energy Savings Analysis

LTX Insight: With over $44 billion in managed payables, Cass Information Systems is the world’s leading transportation, waste, utilities, and telecommunication expense management company. Cass’s large size and premier status are well-earned due to their impressive customer service and payment/auditing operations.

CT Logistics

Location: Headquarters are in Cleveland, OH, however they maintain additional locations in Europe and Asia.

Year Founded: 1923



• Freight Bill Audit
• Freight Payment
• Parcel Audit
• Routing Analysis
• Rate & Contract Negotiation
• Freight Claims Management

LTX Insight: CT Logistics is one of the world’s largest and most respected freight audit and payment companies. CT specializes in providing unique audit and payment solutions personalized for each one of their customers. This attention to detail and quality of customer service is what has helped CT establish a strong global presence.


Location: Headquarters located in Memphis, TN, but also maintains additional global locations.

Year Founded: 1957



• Freight Audit
• Freight Payment
• Global Supply Chain Management
• Rate Negotiation
• Benchmarking
• Claims Management
• Consulting

LTX Insight: CTSI is a large and respected privately owned freight payment and audit provider. CTSI strives to create solutions unique to every one of their individual customers. This level of personalization and customer service has helped separate CTSI from its competition and establish itself as a global player in the freight payment and auditing market.


Location: Headquarters are in Ft. Myers, FL, however, CTSI maintains additional locations in the U.S. and Europe.

Year Founded: 1964



• Freight Invoice Processing
• Freight Audit
• Freight Payment
• Information Management
• Freight Post Audit
• Customer Service

LTX Insight: With 100s of millions in managed freight bills a year, Data2Logistics is one of the largest and most successful privately-held freight audit and payment companies in the U.S. Data2Logistics works to create custom solutions to their customer’s freight audit and payment needs. This allows them to build more personalized relationships with their customers which increases their client-retention rate.

nVision Global

Location: Headquarters are in McDonough, GA. However, nVision maintains additional locations in the U.S., Central America, Asia, and Europe

Year Founded: 1993



• Online Freight Audit
• Freight Payment
• Logistics Management
• Business Intelligence Software
• Global Customer Service and Consulting

LTX Insight: nVision has grown from a small regional company into a global leader in freight payment and audit. nVision specializes in multilingual custom freight invoice audit and payment solutions for their clients. This attention to detail is what has fueled their growth from a small local company to a worldwide leader.

Now that you are armed with the info you need on top freight payment/auditing providers, it is time to examine your processes and determine if outsourcing to a 3PL is the right decision for you. If the answer is yes, consider LTX Solutions as an option for all your freight auditing and payment needs. LTX provides custom solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. There are a lot of great companies out there, so to prove to you that LTX Solutions is currently offering free freight pay and auditing services for a limited time. Reach out to us below to learn more!

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