Should You Consider Value-Added Warehousing?

Value-Added Warehousing When businesses begin seeking value-added warehousing and shipment solutions, they are oftentimes surprised to learn that third-party logistics companies can assist with far more than just inventory storage and distribution of goods.

In fact, there is a broad range of value-added warehousing services that can be provided-  saving business owners time, money, and increasing overall efficiency.  


What is value-added warehousing?

Value-added warehousing creates a sense of personalization between the warehousing service and their clientele. Depending on what services are selected, a client can expect more than just the typical, run-of-the-mill warehousing offerings. These additional services may include personalized labeling, assembly, kitting, drop shipment or e-commerce fulfillment, replenishment, quality control, and more.

By taking advantage of the full range of services available, companies can expect to streamline their shipping and inventory functions without the need for additional labor. Items can be packed and shipped with all necessary details handled within the distribution center, leaving retail stores or other business locations free from the clutter associated with shipments and inventory.   


Finding the right partner is key

Minimizing the number of players in a supply chain is a way to streamline warehousing processes, making them easier to manage and more cost-effective. With an experienced logistics partner on your side, warehouse space and organization is maximized, order fill rates are improved, stocking times are shortened, and your small to medium-sized company has room to grow thanks to higher volume capabilities at your fingertips.   


Leave it to a 3PL

Leaving the management of inventory, e-commerce shipments, labeling, and packing to a 3PL partner additionally allows clients and their staff to focus on sales and customer service- expending more energy in the areas that drive additional business and build a reputation with customers, rather than the management of tedium behind the scenes. 

High-quality 3PL providers have access to the best inventory management technology, and experience with creating processes that allow for the most effective and efficient management of your inventory, replenishment, and returns.

Additionally, your logistics partner can manage all of these tasks effortlessly, as it is their area of expertise, with fewer errors and issues than if you attempt to keep track of all of these processes yourself. With all of the necessary software and material-handling equipment typically found in a warehouse, you’ll save on your bottom line when you utilize value-added services, as you avoid the need to pay for or maintain that equipment yourself. 

Engaging with your 3PL or logistics partner to take advantage of what value-added services are available is ultimately one of the wisest decisions you can make for your business from a variety of standpoints. You will be assured of consistency and accountability, you will save on your bottom line, you will increase your efficiency and accuracy in order picking and fulfillment, and you will have more specific visibility of your inventory and e-commerce processes overall. With packaging, product customization, and assembly as available options as well, you can be certain of expedited shipment processing that will keep you competitive in today’s climate of short shipping window expectations. Take advantage, and take your company to the next level with the value-added warehousing services available to you.  


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