RedwoodConnect 2.0 Launches

Redwood Logistics Launches Redwood Platform Services, Powered by Advanced Connectivity Platform, RedwoodConnect 2.0


CHICAGO – November 12, 2019 – Redwood Logistics (Redwood), a next generation, tech-forward logistics provider, today announced the launch of Redwood Platform Services, a consultancy practice focused on TMS and related transportation technology integration, consulting and implementation services. The announcement comes in conjunction with the pre-release of RedwoodConnect 2.0, the supply-chain integration platform that simplifies and streamlines the integration process. These latest offerings provide unmatched TMS implementation expertise, coupled with connectivity tools to enable seamless integration of disparate supply chain and logistics applications into a single intelligent workspace.

RedwoodConnect 2.0 can be leveraged to streamline the implementation and integration of all supply chain technology that shippers, suppliers, carriers, tech developers, and even other third-party providers, are utilizing. With over ten years and hundreds of successfully completed integrations throughout the company’s history, the current version of RedwoodConnect has been in use for over five years with over three billion dollars in transportation transactions moving through the network annually.  A faster and more scalable cloud version with advanced TPM connectivity, RedwoodConnect 2.0, provides an easier user interface and a user library for integration learning and reusability.  

“We are excited about the evolution of RedwoodConnect and the official introduction of Redwood Platform Services to the industry,” said Eric Rempel, Chief Innovation Officer at Redwood Logistics. “While innovation is a staple of our industry, we are unique in our approach to adopting what we consider the next generation of FreightTech from an open ecosystem perspective. Our customers are requiring cost-effective ways to integrate their entire supply chain tech stack and Redwood is positioned to increase their efficiency and productivity.” 

The introduction of Redwood Platform Services enhances the company’s integration support for all of its main service categories, including 3PL, TMS integration and Digital Freight Brokerage offerings. At the same time, RedwoodConnect 2.0 is available as an open API that can be readily implemented into any supply chain ecosystem to drive immediate results, higher efficiency and improved service levels.  

Redwood will be providing a demo of RedwoodConnect 2.0 during the FreightWaves LIVE conference in Chicago on November 13th. For more information go to 

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