Redwood Hosts Inaugural Cross-Border Logistics Summit

With US-Mexico trade growing to nearly
$800 billion in 2023 — and Port Laredo, Texas, emerging as the top national port based on that growth — there’s never been a better time for companies to focus on optimizing their cross-border logistics.  

“The benefits of near-shoring production in Mexico are clear, and every day more businesses are exploring the opportunity,” says Jordan Dewart, President of Redwood Mexico. “That makes it incumbent on logistics teams to optimize their cross-border movements for cost, service, efficiency and speed. Logistics optimization is one of the single biggest challenges we see companies facing today as they establish operations in Mexico.”  

To help customers master that challenge, Redwood Logistics convened its first-ever Cross-Border Logistics Council meeting in Monterrey, Mexico, earlier this month. About 80 shippers, trade professionals and technology partners attended this informative two-day event, which featured keynotes, panel discussions and networking opportunities. 

The summit featured expert speakers from the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (CANACAR), Connecting Mexico and Freightwaves. Redwood customers also presented their cross-border success stories, including Carrier Corp., Straw Weavers and  Kiriu USA. This inaugural event was sponsored by Gontor, Solvento, TriumphPay and Velostics. 

Industry experts covered a wide range of issues related to cross-border logistics, including high-level topics like infrastructure modernization, demand and capacity projections, changing regulations and geopolitical uncertainties. (Check out Redwood’s most recent Cross-Border Index to learn more about these issues.) But attendees also benefitted from practical insights on managing security and compliance, leveraging advanced technologies, avoiding delays and minimizing risk exposure.   

“The reality is that US-Mexico trade has never been more important,” notes Mark Yeager, Redwood’s CEO. “Cross-border logistics may be challenging and complex, but there are enormous opportunities out there for our customers — and it’s our job to help them capture those opportunities, strategically and profitably.” 

According to Dewart, one of the keys to success for cross-border shippers is identifying the right logistics partner. “You want to work with a 4PL who knows Mexico, who’s invested in Mexico, who understands all the logistics and regulatory complexities — both at a strategic level and a practical level,” Dewart points out. “At Redwood Mexico, we’re proud to have ‘boots on the ground,’ with 100 experts and six facilities on both sides of the border. We’re here for the long haul, and Redwood’s investment in cross-border logistics speaks for itself.” 

Want to learn more about what was covered during the event? Download and view our Redwood Mexico Resources: