LTL Management Made Easy ... and 3 Tools to Help Make it Happen



All things being equal, LTL management is one of the most challenging tasks in the freight world. It is a complex mode to begin with, and shippers usually struggle to keep on top of costs, manage their carrier networks and deploy the right technology to make it all work.

And as difficult as it may be to avoid LTL instability, it is essential for shippers to do so.

Yet most who handle LTL management don’t even think about the prospect of it becoming easy. But it can be easy. And it should be.

LTL management is only complex if it does not have the right insight and tools to support LTL managers in a real, value-added way. But there is no reason LTL must remain perpetually complicated – as long as you have the right partner to support those grappling with LTL and its complexities.

This is where Redwood Logistics is making such a big difference with its Redwood LTL service.

Most managers who work for shippers are not LTL specialists. But the leading minds at Redwood LTL do possess that kind of specialized insight. They are in a position to not only consult and advise but also take over the entire task of LTL management for clients who need that level of support.

This leads to many ways Redwood LTL can help shippers, and there are specifically three we would like to highlight today:

Outsourcing LTL Freight Management

LTL solutions are what our people do, and we understand how to gain knowledge and understanding of shipper organizations so we can get the very best results for each client. But an LTL network consultation is often just the beginning.

When Redwood LTL steps in to handle LTL freight management on an outsourced basis, our experts deliver tremendous benefits for our clients, including:

  • Modernizing their LTL supply chains from start to finish
  • Driving down costs
  • Improving the process of managing LTL payments
  • Achieving better outcomes from carrier selection

Shippers find they can outsource every part of the LTL management process, from order entry and carrier selection to shipment visibility and payments. Freight operations have so much potential hiding in them but it takes an experienced eye to know where to look for everything – from cost savings to strategies – that will overcome these obstacles.

So why outsource LTL?

Because outsourcing LTL management to Redwood puts shippers in a position to realize all of these advantages.

Mix-and-Match Portfolio Flexibility

Redwood LTL believes shippers should have flexibility in their decisions, and that it should be easy to exercise that flexibility. That is one of the reasons Redwood created a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model known as Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS).

One technique made possible by this powerful platform is the ability to seamlessly mix and match partners in a dynamic LTL carrier network. This kind of flexibility is powerful on so many levels, yet it eludes most shippers because they simply don’t have access to the kind of technology platform that would facilitate it.

LPaaS also empowers shippers to mix and match technologies and other solutions, allowing them to form their own unique fingerprint on the digital supply chain.

This groundbreaking technology, combined with Redwood LTL experts in the field, offers shippers the greatest flexibility in establishing portfolios for LTL management.

Easy Integration Without Restricting Your IT Resources

Technology that drives better outcomes is always welcome. But when shippers have to take on a massive IT management effort to implement the solutions, they start to question whether the solution is worse than the problem.

Redwood LTL gets that. And that is why we specifically designed our technology solutions to integrate with shippers’ existing TMS platforms. It not only puts the critical tools and information right in front of shipper personnel by plugging it into their own TMS, it also saves the hassle and expense of asking shipper IT staff to spend time deploying new software.

All of this is made possible through RedwoodConnect, a breakthrough platform that helps shippers integrate the most powerful solutions with existing technologies.

Many times we have been asked, “Can you connect LTL to my TMS?”

We certainly can. LTL management is always easier when the platforms you use every day, and know well, can provide you additional information and functionality to remain on top of the process.

It Really Can Be That Easy

While “easy” may not be a word commonly associated with LTL management, Redwood LTL is changing that quickly. As the Ghostbusters once said, “We have the tools, we have the talent!”

In this case, it took technical and market insight to develop those tools. But Redwood Logistics knows how much shippers need them in order to break the perpetual cycle of struggles in LTL management.

Those days are over now. LTL management really can be easy. Connect with the Redwood Logistics LTL management team to start the process of making that vision come true for any shipper that’s ready to change the status quo.