LTL (Less than Truckload) vs. FTL (Full Truckload) Shipping Rates

LTL vs FTLShipping your items correctly and efficiently is important and should be treated with care during the process. When researching how to move freight, there are two industry terms that are important to know - Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL). Both provide advantages to the customer and our company, LTX Solutions can connect you to proven, reliable carriers with the correct delivery service that is right for the job.

Less Than Truckload

For LTL shipping, this method is typical for 150 through 15,000 pounds. The weight and dimensions of your shipment will determine which freight class that your items will fall in and thus, impacting your rates. When selecting this type of method, you may pay for the portion of a standard truck trailer. When considering Less Than Truckload freight (LTL) shipping, know that typically, the further the distance, the higher your price will be to send your items.  Your freight will only occupy a portion of the truck while other shippers and their shipments fill the unoccupied space. By utilizing this method for moving your freight, you enjoy several benefits of increased security and tracking capabilities through either the PO number, shipment reference number and pick up date rage, to name a few. By sending your items via LTL, your shipment is packaged onto a pallet; allowing items to be sent securely than if you chose to send them with multiple smaller handling units. Choosing the LTL shipment method is cost-effective for your company as you only pay for what you use and the rest of the space in the truck is paid for by other companies using the trailer’s space. Additionally, with LTL shipping, you gain access to special services like lift gates and inside pickup and delivery. You also have the opportunity to expedite your shipment for an additional fee since an LTL shipment has many stops along the way until its final destination. It is important to note that any shipments that require special handling or equipment such as fragile items, antiques, hazardous materials, etc., have a possibility of incurring a higher shipping cost. Due to size and weight restrictions or the volume of the shipments, there is a possibility that your items could incur overage charges or discover that using an LTL service is not right for your needs.

Full Truckload

Due to size and weight restrictions or the volume of the shipments, there is a possibility that your items could incur overage charges or discover that using an LTL service is not right for your needs. Consider FTL (Full Truckload) (which is just how it sounds) as your items will take up the entire truck bed space. When you receive an FTL shipping quote, you may find that the fee is charge in the form of price per mile rather than the price per weight like that of LTL shipment. When using FLT, the entire shipment is only of your shipment and you may have multiple pallets (roughly 22 pallets per freight truck). If you find that your shipment is time-sensitive, consider using the FTL shipment method. Your freight will be picked up and delivered on the same truck and will have fewer stops than an LTL delivery. When you are shipping more fragile items, FTL may help decrease the likelihood of damage to goods during transit since there are fewer opportunities for loading and unloading freight. Depending on the size of the freight truck, your items can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. and 53 feet of space. It does take advance planning to send your shipment via FTL, as scheduling a truck may take some time. However, the cost benefits are worth it if this method fits within your timeline

Scheduling A Shipment

Before scheduling a shipment with LTX Transportation Services, there are a few factors that you will need to determine in advance. First, decided your pickup and delivery locations and if your shipment will require extra labor, equipment, or special instructions to get it on the truck. Next, take a moment to measure the dimensions of your shipment (length, width, and height) to have an accurate idea of what type of quote you will need. By completing this task, you know in advance if your shipment will require any extra services or fees due to its size when talking to an LTX representative. Additionally, when trying to decide which shipping method, take into account the weight of the pallet along with the packaging for an accurate shipping weight.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best freight shipping method for your needs. LTX Transportation Services will ensure that you properly select the right carrier who can maximize costs (both hard and soft) for your business when shipping your items. Our hope is that this information will help guide that decision to choose the best option for your freight shipping needs. LTX Transportation Services is known as a top freight provider and by utilizing our services; you know that your items will be in the hands of dependable shippers.  We are dedicated to providing personalized transportation management and customers service solutions for every company. Gain access to our experienced associates today as they can provide additional information concerning our courier services or many delivery methods. Contact us today for a free estimate as we can leverage our industry experience to manage your shipping needs.