On-Demand JOC Webinar: Going Digital: The Rise of Digital Freight Brokerage

Digital freight brokerage

As part of our continued Freight Tech education series, we partnered with JOC to bring you the second airing of our most recent webinar, Going Digital: The Rise of Digital Freight Brokerage.

Over the past several years, digital freight brokerages (DFB) have been a hot topic amongst supply chain leaders. The U.S. truckload market has experienced an uprush of new tech-forward brokerages entering the marketplace with the influx and adoption of new logistics technology.

Technology innovations designed to automate global supply chain operations have given rise to a tidal wave of VC-backed digital freight corporations aiming to capitalize on the industry’s fragmented state. However, many questions remain around their operations and value to supply chain networks.

  • How do digital freight brokerages operate?
  • What technology tools can be integrated and leveraged with DFBs?
  • How are digital brokerage ecosystems built and optimized for use?   

With these questions and many others often going unanswered and with fresh faces popping up what seems like weekly, it’s easy to get bogged down in all the noise of digital freight brokerage. On Tuesday, November 17, we discussed digital brokerages’ inner workings, how they work, and how digital tools and ecosystems can add value to a customers’ supply chain. 

Here’s what we covered:

  • What is digital freight brokerage?
  • Creating value through process and workflow automation
  • Digital freight brokerage market outlook
  • Competitive landscape
  • Digital tools and ecosystems

Redwood speakers included:

  • Mike Reed, Chief Product Officer
  • Michael Johnson, Executive Vice President of Strategy
  • Adam Moreau, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations

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