How Food Shippers' Shipping Expectations Are Changing In A Volatile Market

Food shipping has become even more complicated in a pandemic truckload marketplace.


While every industry has been affected in some way by COVID-19 and the economic shutdowns that are still occurring to help curb the spread, one could argue that shippers in the food space have had one of the most difficult journeys of all. Spikes in demand and low volumes in stores forced food shippers to adapt quickly to respond not only to in-store demand, but also the influx of e-commerce that followed.

This white paper, produced by FreightWaves in partnership with Redwood Logistics, details the findings of a survey of shippers to understand how the events of 2020 have impacted their businesses and strategies they are looking to adopt to close out the year.

Topics covered include:

  • Shipping costs expectations
  • Retail vs. e-Commerce business mix
  • Sales growth
  • Industry outlook for 2020 and beyond.

Get insights into how the food industry has shifted in the wake of COVID-19 and learn how shippers are positioning their operations for future success in the new norm.