How You Could Benefit from Using Cloud-Based Freight Management Software

As any business who relies on freight transportation knows, managing it correctly can be the difference between happy customers and continued growth and logistical missteps that hinder progress and leave companies scrambling to keep up. But cloud-based freight management software provides a way to effectively manage freight to maximize operational efficiency.

What is ‘The Cloud’?

Cloud-based Freight Management Software

The Cloud. It’s a term we’ve all heard before as it has slowly made its way into the everyday lexicon of our technological landscape. Essentially another word for the Internet (the term has actually been around for quite a while—in the early days of the Internet the term “cloud” was used to describe the network of computers and servers that were “elsewhere” but were able to be accessed by Internet users wherever they were), today’s Cloud refers to networks and servers that host data off-site and are managed externally of a given business.

So what does that have to do with you and why are we telling you about it? Well, we’re glad you asked…

It all boils down to freight management.

Freight Management Software

As someone whose business relies on efficient receiving and shipping of freight, you’re probably aware of the benefits of using Freight Management Software. (But we’ll give you a little refresher course on the biggest ones just as a reminder.) With a freight management system you’ll have:

• Happier customers due to more reliable shipping times, lower shipping costs, and more secure shipping that delivers product in good condition based on accurate data tracking
• Better managed inventory from greater insight into lead times and customer demand that allows you to have a leaner stock that still meets customer needs
• Time savings and increased efficiency from an ability to rely on the software to help keep track of logistics and provide needed resources to keep freight moving that allow you to have more resources for other areas of the business
• More detailed insight into costs that let you search for lowest cost shipping options that still provide the level of service you need
Transportation Management System

The dawn of freight management software programs truly gave businesses an upper hand in controlling their supply chains and ensuring that shipping and receiving of freight were as efficient as possible and gave them the ability to provide their customers with the best service possible. Combining that with the benefits of cloud-based computing and data management leads to a powerful business tool that provides key benefits to allow for greater success and growth. That’s because the cloud-based software provides a unique advantage that sometimes simply can’t be matched by traditional software systems.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

Remote access – Unlike tradition software programs that are tied to a physical location, cloud-based software programs allow you full access anytime and anywhere. This gives you greater freedom to manage logistics even when you’re away from the office and to handle any problems that arise immediately—not as soon as you can get back to your business’s physical location. Plus, you can stay connected with other key members of your business via the software instead of relying on email or phone calls to get the job done.

Less stress about technical issues – Using software that exists in the cloud means you can rely on your software hosts to handle technical issues that arrive instead of an in-office IT person. This means you have a dedicated team that works solely on keeping this software up and running instead of hoping that your own IT team has the resources to handle the issue or won’t need to be pulled from another project. Plus, they’ll be experts in the software, meaning any questions—or concerns—that arise will be answered more quickly and accurately.

Reduced costs – Because cloud-based software is managed off-site, you won’t have to worry about the cost of purchasing specific hardware to get the software up and running or to handle the storage associated with its data. This frees up funds that can be invested into other aspects of your business.

Security and file recovery – Cloud computing has never been more secure, which means concerns about compromised data and confidential information (a reason some are leery of switching to the Cloud) are slowly becoming obsolete. Cloud-based software companies continue to find additional ways to secure your data and also offer you the ability to wipe clean aThe Cloudny lost or stolen company devices. Plus, using cloud storage allows you to access data even when files are lost or deleted.

Competitiveness no matter business size – Cloud-based software works for any size business, giving smaller companies the same edge as their much larger competitors because it doesn’t’ require such a large investment. This means that you can have equally advanced tools for managing data and operations (like freight) to operate efficiently and provide customers with top-notch service, regardless of your current in-house IT resources. Plus, using the cloud means your software adapts to your growing business more quickly than traditional software because you can scale up capacity gradually—not just in larger scale increases when you finally have the resources.

If your business is looking for the most effective way to manage freight, a cloud-based freight management software should definitely be at the top of your list of solutions. Do yourself a favor and start looking for a cloud-based freight management system today—you’ll like what you find. To find out more information about LTX Solution’s customizable freight management software, contact us about scheduling a demo!

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