New Shipping Survey: 5 Themes Changing The Future of Retail Shipping

Retail shipping is undergoing a transformational change with the rise of e-commerce and heightened consumer expectations.

But that's not all to this story.

Redwood partnered with Freightwaves back in April to conduct an industry study to understand better the focal trends impacting retail shipping. We surveyed a diverse set of shippers and uncovered five major themes challenging retail shippers to meet consumer demands. In addition, we got their take on the strategies they are implementing to improve their transportation networks for long-term success.

Here is a list of topics covered in the whitepaper:

  • The influence of e-commerce and the Amazon effect
  • E-commerce sales outlook
  • Retail supply chain strategies
  • Shipping costs expectations

Download our whitepaper to get insights into the retail trends and strategies changing the future of the retail global supply chain.