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Grow a Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainability is at the core of everything Redwood does. We are dedicated to helping our customers take steps toward minimizing their carbon footprint to create a greener and more resilient supply chain, while also taking steps to improve efficiency and cut costs.


SmartWay Partner Accreditation

Redwood has been a member of SmartWay® Transport Partnership since 2011, and we are proud to contribute to the green miles movement, helping save millions of barrels of oil, fuel costs, and tons of air pollutants.

Reducing Emissions

Redwood’s asset division F/X, moves the needle on equipment optimization, reducing idle time, and decreasing overall fuel waste.


Serverless Infrastructure

RedwoodConnect™, the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use cloud-native iPaas for Supply chain, is built exclusively on serverless infrastructure with open source model in mind.


A Step-by-Step Sustainability Program Built for You 

Your Supply Chain is perhaps the largest and most complex factor of your emissions footprint. We’re here to help.


Sustainability Recognition



Redwood’s Suite of Sustainability Products

Our Mission: By offering a customizable suite of carbon visibility, reduction, and offsetting tools, Redwood meets shippers and carriers wherever they are in their sustainability journey – providing actionable insights to help meet your goals.




Sustainability Partners




Redwood Sustainability FAQs

Our suite of sustainability solutions, including Redwood Hyperion and Redwood Eco Advisory help you manage your carbon footprint in a cost-effective and approachable way. You can measure emissions with load-level visibility into your freight CO2e footprint, purchase verified carbon offsets to support your carbon neutral initiatives, and reduce emissions through cost-saving optimization methodologies. With our suite of solutions, powered by our award-wining connectivity platform RedwoodConnect™, you can gain access to data and technologies to achieve your sustainability objectives. You can take advantage of Redwood Hyperion’s load-level visibility to gain insight into your freight emissions footprint by utilizing reliable data and best-in-class calculation standards. You can also support your carbon neutral initiatives immediately by purchasing verified carbon offsets. With our award-winning connectivity platform, RedwoodConnect™, you gain instant access to your total freight emissions footprint and can analyze data over time to oversee and report your progress.
Redwood is working with Cloverly, an API-first carbon management solution that calculates carbon emissions and offset the impacts as they occur. Cloverly helped us formulate a high-quality carbon offset program that aligns with Redwood’s organizational goals, and together takes our customers further on their sustainability journey. Cloverly’s API calculates, in real-time, the quantity of carbon emissions that a particular activity like shipping materials to a factory or delivering an online purchase creates. It then displays the price of the matched offset instrument that will make up for the emissions of this particular transaction. You can use these results to purchase carbon credits to reduce, avoid, or sequester the same amount of carbon, making the activity carbon neutral and generate a publicly accessible certificate authenticating the purchase.
All offsets are registered and tracked by generally accepted and reputable organizations in the voluntary carbon markets and verified by third parties. Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the American Carbon Registry (ACR), and other internationally recognized organizations ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the offsets.
All shippers can utilize Redwood Hyperion and Redwood Eco Advisory. We built our sustainability solution to be a flexible resource for all our customers, no matter their size, location, or where they are on their sustainability journey.
Redwood Hyperion automates detailed load-by-load emissions visibility, provides supply chain metrics & analytics, and supports carbon neutral initiatives by facilitating access to purchasing carbon credits and removals toward verified projects.
For the past 10 years, our Managed Services team has been reducing freight emissions and costs for our customers. Redwood Eco Advisory offers network studies, guidance, and solutions to help you make the best decisions to reduce spend while obtaining emissions reductions. We do this with a combination of leading-edge technology and decade of expertise in network optimization, modal optimization, empty mile reduction, and more.
Calculating shipment emissions relies on accurate data. Powered by our integration platform RedwoodConnect™, Redwood Hyperion validates for data accuracy, utilizing reliable data and best-in-class standards to ensure we’re providing accurate emissions estimates. We calculate estimates taking guidance by GHG Protocol and are working towards certification with the GLEC framework.
Carbon offsets and removals are mechanisms to compensate for carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions by helping reduce or remove carbon in a different location. While reductions are key to global climate initiatives, what can’t be reduced can be offset as part of a net-zero emissions strategy. Offsetting your carbon footprint is a responsible action you can take to protect the planet, its people, and your brand while we work on long-term emission reduction.
A carbon credit is a transferable instrument that denotes an equivalent emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2. In other words, think of it as the currency for carbon offsets and removals. It is certified by governments or through independent bodies which ensure that the right amount of carbon is being compensated.
Carbon credits or offsets are primarily classified into removal or avoidance credits. Our partner, Cloverly, has a wide portfolio of offsets comprising of a variety of methodologies from nature-based credits to landfill gas capture and typically include co-benefits to local communities.
The cost of offsetting varies based on project size, scale, timeline, and more. Redwood will work with you to create a custom, flexible plan to make offsetting an accessible option, no matter your company size or budget.
All offsets that are publicly available are registered and tracked by generally accepted and reputable organizations in the voluntary carbon markets and verified by third parties. Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the American Carbon Registry (ACR), and other internationally recognized organizations ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the offsets.
Redwood Hyperion takes guidance from the universally accepted GHG protocol to calculate carbon emissions. 1) Redwood and our sustainability partners are coming together to focus on logistics solutions. 2) In choosing partners, each has unique value in widening their scope; something purposeful in why Redwood is working with them. 3) Contact us to hear more about what these partners can offer.
If you don’t have a sustainability plan, we are here to help you to make one. You’ll join the many organizations that are learning the importance of sustainability and of the health of our people and planet. Not sure how to get started? Reach out to our team, and we’ll help you determine the best path forward.

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