A Dedicated Fleet at Your Fingertips

For many clients, access to regular and reliable shipping is a must. Redwood’s subsidiary F/X provides you with the advantage of having your own trusted fleet without the hassle or expense of actually owning one. Move With Us

Open & Flexible to Meet Your Needs

We designed our asset-based shipping solutions with flexibility in mind so our customers can take full advantage. Redwood is:

  • A leading shipper in the automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries
  • Strategically placed in Chicago, El Paso, McAllen, and Dallas, TX
  • A leading regional carrier with the capacity to reach the largest continental US markets

The Excellent Service You Deserve

We carefully listen to your unique service requirements to customize a plan and meet the goals of every load, every time. We back every service we offer with outstanding service:

  • Dedicated points of contact backed by our 24/7 customer service team
  • Long-term relationships that support your supply-chain needs
  • Safe and reliable solutions backed by outstanding value and service

Become a Redwood Driver

We’re always looking for reliable drivers to join our team.

Dedicated Fleet Services

Move your freight with precision. We have the fleet, driver force, and services to tailor a perfect solution.


Regional, Dedicated, or Shared Asset

Access multiple shipping options and locate right capacity and run freight with better on-time delivery.


Over The Road (OTR) Truckload

We have the network and capacity you need to run the contiguous 48 states. Our industry relationships and experience to bring cost savings and efficiency to every one of your shipments.


Border Transportation (McAllen, El Paso TX)

If you’re shipping from Mexico to the US, we remove the costs and complexity from moving goods between countries. And we have one of the largest regional fleets, backed by more than 10 years of service and long-standing customer relationships. Our border transport offers:

• Door-to-door service

• Bilingual agents and employees

• Secure drop-yards at all key border crossings

• Interchange agreements with Mexican carriers

• Maximized freight visibility

• Enhanced security with our trailer tracking system


Last Mile & Cross Dock (El Paso, Chicago)

Rely on Redwood for safe last-mile and cross-dock services for the 250-mile radius of El Paso and Chicago.

• Over 200,000 sq. ft. in two of the largest US logistics hubs

• White glove delivery service

Why a Dedicated Fleet May Be Better

A dedicated fleet may be the missing link that your operation needs. Here are a few things to consider when assessing the best way to move freight:


You’ve built precision into your entire process. We support that efficiency by consistently replicating the precise requirements of your freight operation.

Cost Stability

Know what you’re moving and what it costs. Working with multiple carriers creates unexpected variations in your pricing. Redwood’s dedicated fleet helps normalize costs.

Specialized Handling

We excel in supporting shippers moving goods that require special handling. We treat your special shipments with the same care and respect as you.