Let’s Run It: Superior Brokerage With LoadRunner® TMS

One platform might be the single factor that creates your competitive advantage. LoadRunner® fires on all cylinders, upgrading savings, visibility, and analysis for freight brokerage.

An Ace up Your Sleeve – Delivering Your Business®

Broker freight and move goods at your best with a TMS designed by people who use it every day. LoadRunner® creates a real competitive advantage through robust platform capabilities.

  • Access mobile tracking
  • Build customized reporting
  • Leverage matching algorithms for optimal carrier selection
  • Employ advanced carrier-matching capabilities
  • Activate real-time pricing models
  • Tap into real-time tracking solutions for end-to-end visibility

Move the Metrics That Matter

Brokerage is all about moving numbers. Create improvements across all of your most important metrics. Brokering on LoadRunner® means:

  • Increases in on-time pickup and delivery percentages
  • Improved tender acceptance rates from carriers
  • Staying within your yearly transportation budget


Visibility Across the Brokerage Spectrum

Create insight into your brokerage operation and discover opportunities in the details. From hidden capacity to real-time tracking solutions and end-to-end visibility, LoadRunner® sees all.

Under the Hood

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Create a better transportation process with our business intelligence team that works with you to analyze data captured by LoadRunner®.

Accurate Quotes

Get the most accurate freight and trucking quotes with predictive analytics and pricing algorithms combined with historical market cost data.

Digital Freight Matching

Instantly find the perfect carrier for your shipments with digital freight matching. The days of waiting by the phone for a carrier to accept a load are over.

Uncover Hidden Capacity

Lower your freight spend while maintaining reliable, consistent service. Unlock hidden backhaul capacity and capture private fleet data from thousands of carriers that don’t use load boards.

Invested in Your Success

We get better so you can be better. To streamline your operations and lower your costs, we invest millions each year into connectivity and workflow automation enhancements.

Become a Redwood Driver

We’re always looking for reliable drivers to join our team.

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