Put Your LTL Freight on the Right Track

LTL freight presents a real challenge. It can be one of your most costly modes and add significant stress to your operation. With over $500M in annual freight spend, we’ve developed the processes and systems to help our clients master LTL freight.

Our LTL Solutions

Let’s modernize your LTL supply chains from start to finish. From order entry and carrier selection to shipment visibility and payments, we can help manage the entire process. Drive down costs and stay in control of your LTL.

By the Numbers


Avg LTL Client Savings


North American Carriers

Management Services

  • Management
  • Procurement
  • Shipment planning
  • Reporting
  • Information visibility

Cost Savings Solutions

LTL Freight Savings

Thousands in potential savings lie hidden in your LTL freight process. From carrier bidding to freight cost recovery, we can uncover savings across your entire operation.


LTL Freight Audit & Payment

LTL freight audits and payments have a knack for creating nasty headaches. We’ll help you overcome LTL finance challenges using proven systems and automation. Ditch the aspirin.

The Efficiency & Control You Deserve

At Last, LTL Simplicity

Efficiency is the focus of our LTL freight management system. We streamline processes, remove complexity, and generate savings.

A Customized Approach Just for You

Redwood customizes LTL solutions to your business. You benefit from our scale and carrier portfolio, but you choose the resources, technology, and processes that fit your needs.

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